Department of Civil Engineering Research Projects at IIT Hyderabad

Research Projects

S.No Name of the Principal Investigator Theme of the Project Sanctioned Year
1 Dr.Surendra Nadh Somala Investigating Seismic Source Physics inclusion into Engineering Analysis of Built-Environment 2016-17
2 Dr. Debraj Bhattacharjee Developing a Novel Sequencing Batch Reactor for In-situ Containerized Wastewater Treatment 2016-17
3 Dr.S Suriya Prakash Fabrication and Testing of Resilient and Sustainable Fiber Reinforced Precast Prestressed Hollow Cre Slabs for Affordable Housing 2016-17
4 Dr.Riddhi Singh Inter basin water transfer in India: when and how much? Adaptive multi-objective robust decision making for managing water transfers 2016-17
5 Dr. A. Rajagopal Bending and free vibration analysis of typical re-entry vehicle structure made of functionaly graded material in a severe thermo-structural environment using meshfree reproducing kernel paarticle method 2015-16
6 Dr. Mahendrakumar Madhavan Study on Effect of Imperfection Based on Manufacturing Tolerances in Cold Formed Structural Steel members 2015-16
7 Dr. Mahendrakumar Madhavan Develompment of Guideline/Booklet that uses only parallel flange sections for design of structural members 2015-16
8 Dr.Anil Agarwal Structural assessment and strengthening of existing telecom towers to enable them to support small wind turbines 2015-16
9 Dr.Asif Qureshi National Carbonaceous Aerosols Programme (NCA) Working Group-III 2015-16
10 Dr. S. Suriya Prakash Shear Flow estimation and Damage Assessment of Reinforced Concrete Column under Combined loading including Torsion 2014-15
11 Prof. K.V.L. Subramaniam Centres of Excellence for Training and Research in Frontier Area of Science and Technology 2014-15
12 Dr. S. Suriya Prakash Behaviour of Masonry Assemblies Retorfitted With Textile Reinforced Concrete Under Static in-plane Loading 2014-15
13 Prof. K.V.L. Subramaniam Embedded Smart sensor design for internal stress and damage detection in concrete 2014-15
14 Dr. T. Shashidhar Seasonal Hydrologic Predictions based on Regional 2014-15
15 Dr. Sireesh Saride Evaluation of Fly ash Treated Recycled Asphalt Pavement(RAP) for Base/Subbase construction 2014-15
16 Dr.B. Munwar Basha Vertical Expansion of existing Municipal solid waste(MSW) Landfills Using Retention System 2013-14
17 Dr. Balunaini Umashankar Laboratory study on the stabilization of Haul roads inside open-cast mines 2013-14
18 Dr. MahendraKumar Madhavan Fatigue behaviour of CFRP patched I-sections 2013-14
19 Dr. Asif Qureshi Inspire Faculty award amount and research Grant 2013-14
20 Dr. A. Rajagopal A computational Damage Mechanics Approach for Muktiscale Failur Modeling of Composite Plates 2013-14
21 Dr. K.B.V.N. Phanindra ICT in water and pest/disease management for yield improvement in horticulture(citrus) 2013-14
22 Dr. T. Shashidhar Design of Permeable Bio-Barriers to contain Cr(VI) In a Contaminated Aquifers 2012-13
23 Dr. S. Suriya Prakash Award of Ramanujan Fellowhip 2012-13
24 Dr. K.B.V.N Phanindra An Investigation into the Fate and Transport of Non-Point Source Pollution in Semi-arid Tropical Region using a physical process model 2012-13
25 Dr. Sireesh Saride Dynamic Behavior of Geocell reinforced Pavement Subbase and Subgrade Layers 2012-13
26 Dr. K.B.V.N Phanindra Geo-Spatial based Ground water quality and vulnerability modeling in a part of Jhunjhunu district,Rajasthan 2012-13
27 Prof. K.V.L. Subramaniam Development and evaluation of self-curing,User Friendly Geopolymers for structural applications 2012-13