Department of Civil Engineering Consultancy Projects at IIT Hyderabad

Consultancy Projects

S.No Name of the Principal Investigator Theme of the Project Sanctioned Year
1 Dr.T Shashidhar Providing technical support for the project ‘Rehabilitation and Revitalization of the Bidar Karez 2016-17
2 Dr.T Shashidhar Third Party Inspection of Orange Category Industries 2016-17
3 Dr.T Shashidhar Phase 3 of Package 3 of JCR Devadula Lift Irrigation Scheme Scope of the Project:1.Surge analysis of surge pool 2. Surge pool optimization 3.Studying tunnel Hydraulics 2016-17
4 Dr. Vineeth N Balasubramanian Training on Deep Learning 2016-17
5 Prof KVL Subramaniam Vetting of Structural Designs of proposed U.S.Consulate complex at Survey No.115/1, Nanakramguda(V)m Serilingampally(M), R.R.(D),Hyderabad Telangana State 2016-17
6 Prof KVL Subramaniam Vetting of Structural Designs of Structural bearings of ROB for Viswa Infrastructure and Services Pvt Ltd 2016-17
7 Dr. Sireesh Saride PRLIS - Formation of Kurumurthyraya Reservoir - Pachage 13 & Package 15 2016-17
8 Dr.T Shashidhar Surge analysis of Dr.B.R.AmbedkarPranahitha Chevella Lift Irrigation Scheme Package12 2016-17
9 Dr.T Shashidhar CFD analysis to assess the functionality of surge pool of Kaleswaram Project Package 10 2016-17
10 Dr.T Shashidhar Surge analysis of Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Pranahitha Chevella Lift Irrigation Scheme Package 27 2016-17
11 Prof.KVL Subramaniam Construction of Hon'ble Chief Minister Residence and Office,Hyderabad 2016-17
12 Prof.KVL Subramaniam Vetting of Structural Designs for B.R.Ambedkar Learning Center and 450 Capacity and Auditorium at NIT Warangal for CPWD 2016-17
13 Prof.KVL Subramaniam Vetting of Structural Designs of Proposed Cognizant ISC campus at Nanakramguda, Hyderabad for EDRC, L&T Chennai 2016-17
14 Dr. B. Umashankar Laying cross country pipeline under an embankment for a NPCIL project 2015-16
15 Dr. B. Umashankar Proof Checking of Embankment Design for Railway doubling work 2015-16
16 Dr. Mahendrakumar Madhavan Vetting of a sheet pile configuration manufacutred by Jindal Steel 2015-16
17 Dr. Anil Agarwal Structural design for third party design check of a 3m non-penetrating rooftop polse design 2015-16
18 Prof. KVL Subramaniam Vetting the Structural Design and Drawings of for Bridges and buildings of MMTS Phase II works 2015-16
19 Dr. Debraj Bhattacharyya Testing sample in Environment Engineering Laboratory for testing one sample an 8-bottle respirometric setup 2015-16
20 Dr. T. Shashidhar Consultancy Servicers for Bathymetric and 7 lakes at Warangal 2015-16
21 Dr. T. Shashidhar Study and operation of Raw Water Pipe line with varying draw doen levels of fore bay at pumping station 1 and its impact on the pipe line 2015-16
22 Dr. KBVN Phanindra Study of Flow Measurements at Four Locations 2015-16
23 Dr. T. Shashidhar Proof checking of surge analysis. Confirmation configuration and sizing of surge pool. 2015-16
24 Dr. S. Sireesh Performing resonant column studies on 20 nos. near shore samples as per ASTM:4501-07 2015-16
25 Dr. S. Sireesh Evaluation of Tensile Properties of Biaxial Geogrid 2015-16
26 Prof.KVL Subramaniam Review Analysis of Structural Design of BEBO arch Systems for Strata Geosystems Pvt ltd 2015-16
27 Dr.T Shashidhar Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Pranahitha Chevellla Sujala Shravanthi Package-11-Vetting of Design and drawings of Delivery Mains and Thickness of M.S.Liner-Requested 2015-16
28 Dr.T Shashidhar Analysis of Cr(VI) and CR(III) in the sludge residue,Developing process for the Extraction of Cr(III) and Cr(VI) 2015-16
29 Dr.T Shashidhar Vetting of design of surge stand pipes and its drawings 2015-16
30 Prof. KVL Subramaniam Vetting the structural design of strong floor & reaction mass at NIT Silchar 2014-15
31 Dr. T. Shashidhar Operation of Raw Water Pipe Line for KSK Water Infrastructures private limited(KWIPL) 2014-15
32 Prof. KVL Subramaniam Proof Checking of Airfield Drainage Plan & Design of Box Culvert for Air Force Academy, Dundigal 2014-15
33 Dr. T. Shashidhar Inspection Monitoring,Certificatio and Reporting of Construction/Capping of secured Landfill inline with the design(S) 2014-15
33 Dr.Debraj Bhattacharyya Development of an Advanced Electrocoagulation System for Waste Water Treatment 2014-15
34 Dr. B. Umashankar Construction of 150 high self supporting steeltower for HPT Mahaboobnagar(AP) 2013-14
35 Prof. KVL Subramaniam Structural design & drawingsfor buildings fro Center for DNA Finger Printing an dDiagnostics Project (CDFD) 2013-14
36 Dr. B. Umashankar Geotechnical Investigation and design review for Dr.B.R Ambedkar Pranahitha Chevella Sujala Sravanthi 2012-13