Department of Chemistry Research Projects at IIT Hyderabad

Research Projects

S.No Name of the Principal Investigator Theme of the Project Sanctioned Year
1 Dr. G Satyanarayana Transition metal mediated intermolecular C-C and intramolecular C-N bonds formation: Concise synthesis of Tetrahydroquinolines 2016-17
2 Dr.Somnath Maji Design and Synthesis of Molecular Catalysts for Chemical, Electrochemical and Photochemical Water Oxidation, Carbon dioxide Recduction and Proton Reduction and Applications of Molecular Catalysts in Functional Devices for Solar Fuels Production 2016-17
3 Prof Faiz Ahmed Khan Syntheses of a library of molecules on marine natural products platforms and their biological evaluations 2016-17
4 Dr.Ch Subrahmanyam Degradation of Aqueous Phenolic compounds by Catalytic Nonothermal Plasma based Advanced Oxidation Process 2016-17
5 Dr.Surendera Kumar Martha In Situ Synthesis of High Capacity Silicate Cathodes for Lithium-Ion Batteries: An Integrated Approach 2016-17
6 Dr.D.S.Sharada Novel cascade annulations leading to biologically relevant and diverse heterocyclic frameworks via cross-dehydrogenative couplings, redox reactions,and C-H activations 2016-17
7 Dr Srinivas Amachi / Dr Ch Subrahmanayam A new model for photocatalytic water splitting with bismuth based metal-oxo compounds using photosensitizers 2015-16
8 Dr. Prabu Sankar Ganesan Precursor Chemistry and Chemical vapor deposition of transition metal dichalcogenide(TMDs) MoS2 an d WS2: Nano layer Growth and evaluation of functional properties 2015-16
9 Dr. Surendra K. Martha Development of High Energy Desnsity Lithium-Manganese-Rich(LMR-NMC)(Li1.2Mn0.53Nil0.17co0.10}-C-Limn0.8Fe0.2P04 Blended Electrodes fo rNext Generation Lithium-Ion Batteries 2015-16
10 Dr. Surendra K. Martha Feasibility Study for the Development & Realisation of Pouch/Prismatic Sodium Ion Cells for defense application 2015-16
11 Dr.M Deepa Development of Novel Lithium-Sulfur and Lithium-Selenium Battery Configurations with Long Cycling Life 2015-16
12 Dr. Surendra K. Martha Development and Demonstration of High Energy Density Valve-Regulated Lead Acid(VRLA) Batteries for Remote Area Power Supply(RAPS) and Electric Vehicles(Evs) 2015-16
13 Dr. Bhabani S. Mallik First principles approaches to structure, reactivity and spectroscopy of ionic liquids 2014-15
14 Dr. Prabu Sankar Ganesan Chalcogenone stabilized heavier main group compounds: Synthesis and reactivity studies 2014-15
15 Dr. Tarun K. Panda C-H Activation of poorly active molecules by organo-alkaline earth metal catalyst 2014-15
16 Dr. Ch. Subrahmanayam Transformation of Greenhouse Gases into Clean Fuels by Low Temperature Plasma Catalysis 2014-15
17 Dr. Tarun K. Panda Amidophoshine Borane as portential source for hydrogen-An experimental & Computational approach 2014-15
18 Dr. G. Satyanarayana Transition metal mediated intermolecular C-C and intramlecular C-O bonds formation: concise enantionsetective synthesis of Chromans 2014-15
19 Dr. Bhabani S. Mallik Molecular Dynamics Studies of Hydrated IONIC Liquids and their Biosolvation Nature 2013-14
20 Dr. M. Deepa Development of FRET Enhanced Quantum Dot Sensitized Solar Cell 2013-14
21 Dr. Bhabani S. Mallik Electronic spectral and dynamical aspects of the solvation of neutral and charged solutes from first principle molecular dynamics simulations with a dispersion corrected density functional 2013-14
22 Dr. D. S. Sharada Synthetic methods for the synthesis of novel hetrocyclic compounds via multicomponent & Cycloaddition Reactions 2012-13
23 Dr. M. Deepa Development of quasi solid-state photoelectrochemical solar cells with novel nanostructured composite photoanodes 2011-12