Department of Electrical Engineering Research Projects at IIT Hyderabad

Research Projects

S.No Name of the Principal Investigator Theme of the Project Sanctioned Year
1 Dr. Amit Acharyya Low-Complexity Architectures and Subsequent System on Chip Design for Under-determined Blind Source Separation Problem 2016-17
2 Dr.Abhinav Kumar Performance evaluation of cellular networks in unlicensed spectrum co-existing with Wifi 2016-17
3 Dr. Kiran Kumar Kuchi International Workshop on SC2:US-India Smart and Connected Communities to be held during 9th-11th June,2016. 2016-17
4 Dr.Asif Qureshi Estimating mercury levels and exposure for pregnant women and new Born Babies in selected coastal and interior South Indian cities:first step towards buildings a database on risk from mercury pollution in India 2016-17
5 Dr.Lakshmi Prasad Natarajan Research Grant for Dr.Lakshmi Prasad Natarajan 2016-17
6 Dr.KiranModeling, analysis and simulation of electro-mechanical actuation system with "Dual stator-dual rotor Radial flux BLDC motor" LTE-R For Indian Railways 2016-17
7 Dr. K.Siva Kumar Modeling, analysis and simulation of electro-mechanical actuation system with "Dual stator-dual rotor Radial flux BLDC motor" 2016-17
8 Prof U B Desai Setting up of Fabless Chip Design Incubator at Indian Institute of Technology,Hyderabad 2016-17
9 Mr. Vijay Shantaram Dr. Ashudeb Dutta Financial Sanction Under National Post-Doctoral Fellowship to Mr. Vijay Shantaram 2016-17
10 Prof. Mohammed Zafar Ali Khan Visvesvaraya Phd Scheme for Electronics & IT 2016-17
11 Dr.Sushmee Badhulika Hybrid nano gas sensor arrays for detection of atmospheric and green house gases 2016-17
12 Prof. Uday B. Desai Parallel Innovations 2015-16
13 Dr. Mohammed Zafar Ali Khan Visvesvaraya Phd scheme fo relectronics and IT-II 2015-16
14 Dr. Mohammed Zafar Ali Khan Financial Assistance to the Department of Electrical Engineering,(FIST) 2015-16
15 Dr. Kiran K. Kuchi 5G Research and Building Next Gen Solutions for Indian Market 2015-16
16 Dr. Siva Rama Krishna Vanjari Special Manpower Development Programme for Chips to system Design 2015-16
17 Dr.Sushmee Badhulika Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research(Inspire) 2015-16
18 Dr.Sushmee Badhulika Low cost, low power water purification technique using Graphene based electrode 2015-16
19 Dr. Amit Acharyya Indigenous Hybrid Sensor and Processing Integration Technology Development for Defence System on Chip Applications 2015-16
20 Prof. U.B. Desai IOT Data & Artificial Intelligence (during 18-19,2016) 2015-16
21 Dr. Amit Acharyya Design of FPGA based AFDX switch and implementation on NETFPGA 2015-16
22 Dr. Amit Acharyya Application specific radio Frequency front and modules in 65 MM CMOS 2015-16
23 Dr. Amit Acharyya Proof of Concept Based Implementation of Low-Complexity ECG feature extraction Algorithm Targeting Remote affordable personalized healthcare using Anurag indigenously Developed DSP processor 2014-15
24 Dr. Kiran K. Kuchi Converged Cloud Communication Technologies 2014-15
25 Dr. K. Siva Kumar A fault tloerant multievel inverter configuration for islanded mode photovaltaic generation system 2014-15
26 Dr. Siva Rama Krishna Vanjari A low cost solution for thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) quantification using fabric-based immunoassays and mobile-based image processing algorithms 2014-15
27 Dr. Mohammed Zafar Ali Khan Visvesvaraya Phd scheme fo relectronics and IT 2014-15
28 Dr. M. Vidyasagar The Jawaharlal Nehru Science Fellowhip award to Prof.M.Vidyasagar 2014-15
29 Dr. Mohammed Zafar Ali Khan TV White Space 2014-15
30 Dr. Ashudeb Dutta Design & Layout of low noise receiver front end in 65nm RF CMOS process technology 2013-14
31 Dr. G.V.V. Sharma Self-powered wireless Chipset for Building to Building Communication 2013-14
32 Dr. Shiv Govind Singh Low Temperature and low pressure CU-CU Fine PitchBonding for Vertical(3-D) Integration 2013-14
33 Dr. Soumya Jana Green Sensor Networks for Air Quality Support 2012-13
34 Dr. P. Rajalakshmi Internet of Things (IOT) for Smarter Healthecare 2012-13
35 Dr. P. Rajalakshmi Mobile sensor network technologies 2011-12
36 Prof. Uday B. Desai Financial Assistance for the award of JC Bose Fellowship to Prof. U B Desai, Director, IIT Hyderabad 2010-11
37 Dr. Mohammed Zafar Ali Khan Innovation Hub on Cyber-Physical Systems 2010-11
38 Prof. Uday B. Desai India-Uk Advanced Technology Centre(IU-ATC) of Excellence in Next Generation Networks Systmes and Services (PSN) 2009-10