Department of Electrical Engineering Consultancy Projects at IIT Hyderabad

Consultancy Projects

S.No Name of the Principal Investigator Theme of the Project Sanctioned Year
1 Dr. Kiran Kumar Kuchi MSR India Unrestricted Research Grant 2015 awarded to Prof Kiran K Kuchi for collaborations of TV White spaces(Equivalnet of US & 20K) 2015-16
2 Dr.Amit Acharyya Design and Development of Smat ECG System 2015-16
3 Dr.G.V.V.Sharma Feasibility study on low complex Digital Pre-Distortion(DPD) Algorithm for Industry Appliance Power amplifier 2015-16
4 Dr. Shiv Govind Singh Design and Development/implementation of AIN based 76.8MHZ and 40 MHZ responator and design vibration energy support 2014-15
5 Dr. Soumya Jana Multi-view sensing for pre-processing, recognition,and compression of visual data 2013-14
6 Dr. Kiran Kumar Kuchi Development of Optional features in very high throughput wireless LAN 2013-14
7 Dr. Vaskar Sarkar Comprehensive Framework for the planning energy Management of a Microgrid 2013-14
8 Dr. Sumohana Chanappayya Perceptual measures for image quality assessment, task-dependant compression, detection and recognition 2013-14
9 Dr.Kiran Kumar Kuchi Performance limits of cloud based wireless networks 2012-13