Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Research Projects at IIT Hyderabad

Research Projects

S.No Name of the Principal Investigator Theme of the Project Sanctioned Year
1 Dr.Badarinath Karri Experimental studies in bubble dynamics-rising bubble dynamics and characterization of sprays from bubble induced impinging jets 2016-17
2 Dr.G Damodar Reddy/ Dr.C P Vyasarayani NBHM Post-doctoral Fellowship 2016-17
3 Dr B Venkatesham Acoustic Characterization of Functionally Engineered Material (USD 15600) 2016-17
4 Dr.Badarinath Karri Off-Road Vehicle Design & Manufacturing Competition 2016-17
5 Dr. Syed Nizamuddin Khaderi Numerical Analysis of Blast Loading due to Explosions in Sand 2016-17
6 Prof.N Venkata Reddy Development and Validation of Predictive Models for Forming of Large Components using Double Sided Incremental Forming and Studies on Difficult to Form Materials using Hybrid Approaches 2016-17
7 Prof.N Venkata Reddy Development of Electric Pulse Aided Bending and Roll Forming Process 2016-17
8 Dr.Harish Nagaraj Dixit Dynamics of moving contact lines and drop impact on dry surfaces 2016-17
9 Dr.Saravanan Balusamy Experimental Studies on Swirl-Stabilized Turbulent Premixed and Stratified Dimethyl Ether/Air Flames using Laser Diagnostic Techniques 2016-17
10 Dr.Raja Banerjee To Strengthen the Research Facilities in the Department 2016-17
11 Mr. Narendra Laxman/ Dr Raja Banerjee Financial Sanction under National Post-Doctoral Fellowship 2016-17
12 Dr.Pankaj Sharadchandra Kolhe Novel Flow Blurring Injector Characterization using Point and Planar Optical Diagnostic Techniques 2016-17
13 Dr.M.Ramji Fatigue life assessment of upgraded MiG-29 landing gears 2016-17
14 Dr.B Venkatesham Development of low frequency noise control sheet absorber: A biomimetic solution 2016-17
15 Dr.M.Ramji Flexural behavior of open hole CFRP laminates under transverse loading: An Experimental and Numerical Study 2015-16
16 Dr.Gangadharan Raju Experimental studies on delamination failure of fiber reinforced composite under static and fatigue loading 2015-16
17 Dr.Prashant Saxena The Ramanujan Fellowship award to Dr.Prashant Saxena 2015-16
18 Dr. R. Prasanth Kumar Development of Telepresence Robot for Healthcare-Phase 1 2015-16
19 Dr. Abhay Sharma Machining of Pure Tungsten with Improved Productivity and Quality 2015-16
20 Dr. Nishanth Dongari CFD and DSMC Simulations on 3SM Missile Covering the Continuum to Transition Flow Regimes 2015-16
21 Dr. Nishanth Dongari DSMC Simultation for High Altitute Application 2015-16
22 Dr. R. Prasanth Kumar Cable Stiffened Flexible Link Manipulator for Pick-and-Place Tasks 2015-16
23 Dr. Raja Banerjee Uncertainty Estimation in External Flow CFD Simulations 2015-16
24 Dr.B Venkatesham Acoustic Analysis of Afterburner Screech Liner 2015-16
25 Dr. Raja Banerjee Development of a GPU Enabled VOF Based Two-Phase CFD Solver to Simulate Flow Dynamics in a Steel Producing Converter 2015-16
26 Dr.Ashok Kumar Pandey Coupled dynamics of MEMS/NEMS Arryas 2015-16
27 Dr. Nishanth Dongari Modeling multiscalo flow systems using molecular simulation Methods 2014-15
28 Dr. Chandrika Prakash Vyasarayani Inspire Faculty award and research Grant to Dr.Chandrika Prakash Vyasarayani 2014-15
29 Dr. Nishanth Dongari Inspire Faculty award and research Grant to Dr.Nishant Dongari 2014-15
30 Prof. Vinayak Eswaran Development of a General Purpose CFD Solver over a Hybrid Unstructured Grid 2013-14
31 Dr. Chandrika Prakash Vyasarayani Spectral approximations for stability of delay differential equations 2013-14
32 Dr. Abhay Sharma Development of magnetic pulse welding technology for joining dissimilar materials: stainless steel and aluminium alloys 2013-14
33 Dr. Nishanth Dongari Simulation Studies on Plume Analysis of Divert Thrusters of PDV Missile at High Altitude 2013-14
34 Dr. V. K. Saraswat DAE Homi Bhabha Chair for Distinguished Scientists/Engineers 2013-14
35 Prof. N Venkata Reddy Incremental forming 2013-14
36 Prof. Vinayak Eswaran Development of CFD Code for 3-D MHD liquid metal flows under high magnetic fields and complex geometry related to the First wall Blanket modules for fusion Reactors 2011-12