Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Consultancy Projects at IIT Hyderabad

Consultancy Projects

S.No Name of the Principal Investigator Theme of the Project Sanctioned Year
1 Dr. B. Venkatesham Study of Two-Pole Motor Noise Reduction 2016-17
2 Dr.Nishanth Dongari Tribal welfate department Digital Portal for Human Resource Development 2016-17
3 Dr. B. Venkatesham To Improve Audio Sound Quality-Analyzing the sound parameters of Audio/Speakers for India 2015-16
4 Dr. M. Ramji Dynamic load testing for cementatious grout MYK Grout M65 2015-16
5 Dr. B. Venkatesham Development of Noise Attenuation Methodology for single stage axial fan 2015-16
6 Dr. B. Venkatesham Development of transformer noise attenuation methodology using numerical models and experimental measurements 2015-16
7 Dr. B. Venkatesham Acoustic Analysis of Periodic Structures 2015-16
8 Dr. Raja Benarjee Flow & Conjugate Heat Transfer analysis of AC induction motor CFD 2015-16
9 Dr. B. Venkatesham Flow Modiifiers & Its effect on Noise Control 2014-15
10 Dr. B. Venkatesham Design and Development of a System for ICV BMP II for Condition Based Monitoring (CBM) in a Networked Environment” 2012-13
11 Dr. B. Venkatesham Remote Assessment of Residual Mission Reliability of an AFV through Condition Based Monitoring of Takn T-90S(Phase-II) 2012-13
12 Dr. Raja Banerjee Vetting of Designs & Drawings of EOT Cranes 2009-10