Dr. B. Venkatesham

Asst.Prof, Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
IIT Hyderabad, Kandi Campus Visit my profile

Consultancy Projects

S.No Theme of the Project Sanctioned Year
1 Study of Two-Pole Motor Noise Reduction 2016-17
2 Acoustic Analysis of periodic Structures 2015-16
3 Development of Transformer Noise Attenuation Methodology Using Numerical Models anf Experimental Measurements 2015-16
4 To Improve Audio Sound Quality-Analyzing the sound parameters of Audio/Speakers for India 2015-16
5 Development of Noise Attenuation Methodology for single stage axial fan 2015-16
6 Flow Modiifiers & Its effect on Noise Control 2014-15
7 Noise and vibration Study of Mixer 2013-14
8 Vibration and Acoustic Analysis of Compressor 2012-13