Alumni Meet at IIT Hyderabad on 05-Jan-2020

IIT Hyderabad celebrated its Alumni Day on 5th January 2020. This year, the Institute also announced the first set of Alumni Awards. The following received the awards under categories:

  1. Mr. Sai Chandra Teja R. (M. Tech.- E. E., Batch - 2012) awarded ‘Excellence in Alumni Relations’
  2. Mr. Pranay Ramesh Patil (B. Tech. - E. E., Batch - 2013) awarded ‘Excellent Services to the National Programs’
  3. Mr. Ankit Mishra (B. Tech. - E. E., Batch - 2014) awarded ‘Excellence in Entrepreneurship’
  4. Dr. Dan Sathiaraj (PhD - MSME., Batch - 2016) awarded ‘Excellence in Academics’
  5. Dr. Bhavesh Garg (PhD - L. A., Batch - 2018) awarded ‘Excellence in Academics’

On this occasion Prof. B.S. Murty, Director, IIT Hyderabad, announced that the first weekend of every year as ‘Alumni Day’ for IIT Hyderabad from this year onwards.