India-Japan FRIENDSHIP 2 Research Grant (FRIENDSHIP2 Research Grant) aims to enhance sustainable collaboration between IIT Hyderabad (IITH) and academic institutions and/or industries in Japan in association with FRIENDSHIP Scholarship 2. Establishing academic collaboration including collaborative degree programs through combination of research grants and long-term training programs is also one of the purposes of this grant. FRIENDSHIP2 Research Grant offers two kinds of grants in science and technology, namely (AC) academic collaboration and (IC) industry-university collaboration. 2022 is a probationary period of FRIENDSHIP2 Research Grant in preparation for full implementation in 2023 and later. Therefore grants for academic collaboration in 2022 focus on nurturing partnerships with prospective Japanese supervisors for FRIENDSHIP Scholarship 2 for 2023, the final batch scholarship for doctoral study in Japan. Application for the final FRIENDSHIP Scholarship 2 will be open in December 2022 for master holders or those who will obtain master’s degree in science and technology from IITH by the end of May 2023. On the other hand, research grants for industry-university collaboration welcome applications from faculty members who have been involved in collaborative activities with Japanese partner companies in the past.

Application Deadline: 11:59 AM IST, February 25, 2022


The applicant (Principal Investigator, PI) must:

  1. Be a full-time faculty member of IITH.
  2. Involve at least one master’s student as a research team member, who is to write his/her master thesis under PI’s supervision.
  3. Have obtained an agreement letter from a Japanese collaborator who is to be registered as Japanese Co-PI. (For IC, involvement of academic researcher(s) is recommended)
  4. (for AC) Prepare a joint implementation plan for co-supervision of master’s student(s) and further studies in Japan with Japanese Co-PI.
  5. Be able to afford a dedicated or shared lab space for research activities of the funded project, and
  6. Not submit more than 1 (one) proposal regardless of (AC) or (IC).

(for IC) Obtain agreement letter from Co-PI in the industry on the cost-sharing of JPY200,000 (Approx. 1.3 Lahk INR)in cash and disclose potential conflicts of interest, if any.

Selection Procedure

(AC) Academic Collaboration

  1. Quality of the research proposal (novelty, rationale, research questions and future perspectives)
  2. Readiness for and sustainability of collaborative research with Japanese Co-PI
  3. Clear assignment of research tasks to each team member including graduate students
  4. Detailed planning for co-supervising master’s student(s) and his/her doctoral studies in Japan
  5. Appropriateness of budget

(IC) Industry-university Collaboration

  1. Quality of the research proposal (novelty, rationale, research questions and future perspectives)
  2. Readiness for and potential of continuous R&D with the Co-PI in industry
  3. Clear assignment of tasks to academic and industrial research members including graduate students
  4. Practical planning for human resources development at IITH including internship and/or recruitment of IITH students
  5. Appropriateness of budget

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