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Faculty Projects

Biomedical Engineering

Faculty Grant-in-aid/Sponsored Projects Consultancy Projects
Prof. Renu John
  1. Nondestructive Characterization of Surfaces using Digital Holographic Microscopy
  2. Center For Healthcare Enterpreneurship (CHE)
  3. Financial Assistance to the Department of Biomedical Engineering under FIST Program
  4. Development of optical Tomography platforms for clinical applications
  5. Multimodal Low coherence Optical microscope for microfluidics imaging applications
Dr. Subha Narayan Rath
  1. IMPRINT - Development of macro-encapsulation device for islet cell transplantation for diabetes treatment
  2. 3D printed vascular channels and their maturation- Application in 3D tissue survival and vascular graft
  3. Bioinspired engineering of nano-hierarchical musculoskeletal tissue architecture for stem cell recruitment
  4. DBT RA
  5. Bio-inspired Hierarchical Architecture of Fabrication and Maturation of Spheroid based Trendon-Ligament Tissues
Dr. Jyotsnendu Giri
  1. Engineering Nanomedicine
  2. Biomimetric, tissue adaptive nanofibre membrane for guided tissue regeneration
  3. Novel Injectable Nanofibrous cell carriers as the next generation cell therapy for cartilage repair
  4. Nanoplatform-Based, Multimodal Therapy against Breast Cancer Stem Cells and Drug Resistance
  5. Novel growth-factor-nanoencapsulated'smart biomaterials for the treatment of myocardial infarction
  6. NANOBREASTCO:Nanoplatform-based drug delivery system:combinational therapy against breast and colorectal cancer
Dr. Mohan Raghavan
  1. Development of a reusable library of model components for human spinal cord modeling and simulation
Dr. Aravind Kumar Rengan
  1. Liposome-gold nanoparticles for photothermal treatment of Acne/skin cancer and localized skin diseases
  2. Biodegradable Liposome-gold nanoparticles for imaging & photothermal treatment of breast cancer through EPR effect
  3. Biodegradable collagen covered gold nanoparticles (Collagen/AuNPs) for photothermal therapy of cancer
  4. Towards Disbursement of Micro Grant for Implementation of Projects under the Foldscope Scheme
  5. Reduced Graphene Oxide Nanosheets Decorated With Mettalic/Bimetallic Nanoparticles- A Multifunctional Materials for Photothermal Therapy of cancer Cells
  6. Affordable Detection Kit for Cerevical Cancer
  7. IMPRINT Affordable and cost effective cancer diagnosis/treatment using gold based biodegradable nanoparticles
Dr. Falguni Pati
  1. 3D bioprinting and multimodal characterization of an in vitro biomimetic liver model
  2. 3D Printed Lower Limb Orthotics
  3. Three Dimensional Bioprinting of Biomimetic Multi-Liver Tissue Constructs
  4. Decelluarized Cornneal Matrix (DCM) Based Injectable Hydrogel for strengthening cornea matrix in severe corneal keratoconous


Faculty Grant-in-aid/Sponsored Projects Consultancy Projects
Dr. Anamika Bhargava
  1. Effect of estrogen on T-type voltage gated calcium channels- implications for breast cancer therapy and future directions
Dr. Rajakumara Erappa
  1. Role of HMG box protein in mitochondrial DNA organization in Trypanosoma brucei:Structure and molecular insights into DNA binding and topological modulation of DNA structure by HMG box protein TbKAP6.
  2. Mechanistic studies on high mobility group nucleosome (HMGN1) Binding protein complexex involved in DNA Repair.
  3. Characterization of mammaliam polycomb repessive complexes 1 (PRC1).
Dr. Basant Kumar Patel
  1. Investigation of mechanism of mitochondrial localization & mitotoxicity of C-terminal fragments of TDP-43 implicated in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and search for effective small molecule rescuers against TDP-43 induced mitotoxicity.
Dr. N. K. Raghavendra
  1. Molecular determinants of catalytically inacitve variants, MMS2 and UEV1A, for specificity of UBC13-E3 Ligase interaction In signaling innate immune response and post-replication DNA repair (RGYI)
  2. Characterization of ubiquitin conjugating E2 enzyme UBC13 interaction with human immunodeficiency virus-1
  3. Senior Research Associateship (Scientists' Pool Scheme) - Characterization of ubiquitin conjugating E2 enzyme UBC13 interaction with human immunodeficiency virus-1
Dr. Anindya Roy
  1. Colorimetric detection of UCHL1 using gold nanoparticles for rapid diagnosis of brain injury.
  2. Molecular Mechanisms Underlying DNA Alkylation repair
Dr. Thenmalarchelvi R
  1. Structural Insights into RNA duplexes comprising trinucleotide repeat expansions and their implications in alternative splicing misregulation by MBNL1.
  2. Probing the role of DNA triplex in cellular pathways- Saccharomyces cerevisiae Stm1 protein-triplex interaction.
  3. Mechanisms of E. coli group 1 capsular polysaccharide translocation- An NMR and computational investigation.
  4. Revealed Dual Functional Characteristics of Escherichia Coli Outer Membrane Protein WZI & its Implications in the Design of Novel Antibiotics.
Dr. Sandeep Kumar Singh
  1. Development of Novel Approach, M-Trap(Multi-tagged Translating Ribosome Affinity Purification), to Profile cell-cell interactions in central nervous system cells by secreted-glycoprotein YKL-40(CHL3L1- Chittinase 3-Like 1).

Civil Engineering

Faculty Grant-in-aid/Sponsored Projects Consultancy Projects
Dr. B. Umashankar
  1. Performance of Geogrid and Geocell Reinforced Pavement.
  2. To strengthen the PG Teaching and Research facilities in the Department.
  • Proof Checking of soil Nailing Design-Four Laning of Kazhakkoottam to mukkola at Trivandrum.
  • Work Order for proof checking of groung improvement for E-Loco green Field factory, madhepura (340052) Project.
  • Kaleshwaram Project - Annaram Barrage-Submission of Bore Hole data and calculations request to suggest its bearing capacity and allowable settlement.
  • Kondaveeti Vagu LIS Project- Consultancy Fee for Sub soil exploration.
  • Sundilla Barrage - Construction of barrage with radial gates, hoisting arrangements including formation of guide bunds on either side of barrage etc., across Godavari river at Sundilla (V), Kamanpur (M), Inspection of plate load test and interpretation of results - Reg.
  • Kaleshwaram Project-Medigadda Barrage-Construction of Barrage with Radial Gates, Hoisting Arrangements Including formation of Guide Bunds on either side of Barrage etc., acress Godavari river.
  • Kaleshwaram Project - Consultancy fees for recommendation on safe bearing capacity delivery cistern.
  • I&CAD Dept - Kaleswaram Project - Annaram Barrage - Constrution of barrage with Radial gates, hoisting arrangements, including formation of guide bunds on either side of barrage etc., acros the Godavari river near Annaram (V), Mahedevpur (M), Jayashankar (Dist).
  • Vetting of ash dyke design and drawings for NTPC Mouda STPP-II (2x660 MW).
  • Review of existing soil profile for Blocks 3 to 7.
  • Conducting Seismic Refraction Test for proposed Construction of High Level Cable Stayed Bridge Across Manair River near Karimnagar.
  • Consultancy Services for sub soil exploration for Package 14 - NOF.
  • Kaleshwaram Project - Medigadda Project - Seismic Refraction Tests for Blocks-3,4 and 5.
  • Kaleshwaram Project - Medigadda Project - Liquefaction susceptibility of foundation soil at barrage.
  • Certification of construction of 1st raising of Ash Dyke-1.
  • PRILS - Formation of Venkatadri Reservoir from Km 0.000 to Km 6.900 at Vattem (V) Bijinepally (M), Mahabubnagar.
  • Kaleshwaram Project - Consultancy Services for SBC of footing of NOF structure.
Prof. K. V. L. Subramaniam
  1. Sustainable Engineered Cellular Geoplymer Masonry for Improved Building Envelope Performance
  2. Development and evaluation of self-curing,User Friendly Geopolymers for structural applications
  3. Centres of Excellence for Training & Research in Frontier Areas of Science and Technology (FAST)
  4. Embedded Smart sensor design for internal stress and damage detection in concrete
  • Vetting of Structural Designs of Proposed Construction of Administration building of NF Railay in Guwahati.
  • Vetting of Structural Designs(Abutments, Piers and sub-structure of Maior Bridge near Gowribidanur in NH-234) for SHEL-Assignia.
  • Checking structural design of the Dalith R&B Department for True Build.
  • Mix Designs for M30 concrete to be used in apartments for APCRDA.
  • Proof checking designs of substructure and superstructure of Railway and Road bridges at the Proposed MRPL sliding near Thokur (Konkan Railways).
  • Evaluation of stay-in-place formwork for Novel Build Technologies Limited.
  • Mix designs for M30 concrete to be used in 1942 EWS flats for APTIDCO.
  • Vetting the structural designs for the doubling of Track with electrification for Major Bridges 99 and 121.
  • Mix designs for M30 concrete to be used in the Bungalows Project at Amaravati, Andhra Pradesh for APCRDA.
  • Mix designs for the M30 grade concrete to be used in apartments for APTIDCO.
  • Design ratification for the RHEDA system and design for the TCL Layer used in high speed rail.
  • Vetting the Structural Design of Drawings of Bridges (RCC Box).
  • Mix designs for M30 concrete to be used in the Bungalows Project at Amaravati, Andhra Pradesh for APCRDA.
  • Evaluation of paper tube structures for Shigeru Ban Architects, Japan.
  • Vetting the structural designs of proposed Multistoreyed buildings to be built in Kollur, Hyderabad.
  • Mix designs evaluation of macrosynthetic fiber reinforced concrete to be used in shotcreting applications for Bajaj Reinforcements LLP.
  • Vetting of Structural Designs for RVNL (Bridge No. 31 with PSC-U Girders).
  • Vetting of Structural Designs for RVNL (Piers and sub-structure of Bridge No. 155, Mahbubnagar - SC Line).
Prof. S. Sireesh
  1. 171008L02 - Advances in Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering December 18-29, 2017.
  2. Evaluation of Fly ash Treated Recycled Asphalt Pavement (RAP) for Base/Subbase construction.
  • PRLIS - Formation of Kurumurthyraya Reservoir - Pachage 13 & Package 15.
  • Proof checking of RE Wall Design - NTPC Lara - Raigarh.
  • Formation of Veeranjaneya Reservoir at Yedula, Gopalpet.
  • Proof checking of Geotechnical aspects and foundation designs for a major bridge along NH 234 near Gowribidanur.
  • Evaluation of Geogrids for Reduction in Base Course Thickness.
  • Consultancy Project - Expert opinion on the construction of two runays on expansive soils at AFA Hyderabad, Dundigal - reg.
  • Third party assessment -Suitability of filter material for PRILS - Formation of Konda Pochamma Sagar Reservoir at Pamulaparthi (V), Markook (M), Siddipet - Reg.
  • Third Party assessment of the Suitability of material for Komuravelli Mallana Sagar Reservoir Formation.
Dr. Amirtham Rajagopal
  1. Computational Modeling, Design and Strength Analysis of Adaptive Microporous Materials with Controlled Properities.
  2. Modelling and Analysis of Damage in High Strength Composite Rocket Motor Casings by a Novel Non Local Approach.
  3. Computational modeling and analysis of damage in high strength composite structures by novel nonlocal approach.
Dr. Asif Qureshi
  1. National Carbonaceous Aerosols Programme (NCA) Working Group-III.
  2. Estimating mercury levels and exposure for pregnant women and new Born Babies in selected coastal and interior South Indian cities:first step towards buildings a database on risk from mercury pollution in India.
  3. Monitoring of Environmental mercury levels at five thermal power stations/projects.
  4. Assessing Ecological Impacts of Industrialization & Agriculture- Spatiio-Temporal Levels of Mercury Accumulation oin the Long-Lived Sarus Crane.
  5. Coal-Based Energy Generation in India- Managing Local and Global Environmental andHuman Healthh Impacts.
Dr. B. Munwar Basha
  1. Vertical Expansion of existing municipal solid waste (MSW) Landfills using Retention Systems.
Dr. Debraj Bhattacharyya
  1. Developing a Novel Sequencing Batch Reactor for In-situ Containerized Wastewater Treatment
Dr. K. B. V. N. Phanindra
  1. An Investigation into the Fate and Transport of Non-Point Source Pollution in Semi-arid Tropical Region using a physical process model.
  2. ICT in water and pest/disease management for yield improvement in horticulture (Citrus).
  • Geo-Spatial based Ground water quality and vulnerability modeling in a part of Jhunjhunu district, Rajasthan.
Dr. Mahendrakumar Madhavan
  1. Fatigue behaviour of CFRP patched I-sections.
  2. Study on Effect of Imperfection Based on Manufacturing Tolerances in Cold Formed Structural Steel members.
  3. Develompment of Guideline/Booklet that uses only parallel flange sections for design of structural members.
  • Light Gauge steel Framed Structure (LGSF) with Clading & Insulation System.
  • Testing of Building Materials.
  • Evaluating the Tata Steel Product EzNest Toilet structure.
  • Proof checking of Bilaspur Sheds.
Dr. S. Suriya Prakash
  1. Fabrication and Testing of Resilient and Sustainable Fiber Reinforced Precast Prestressed Hollow Core Slabs for Affordable Housing.
  2. 171008L06 - Seismic Performance Assessment of Structures through Numerical & Hybrid Simulations.
  3. Shear Flow Estimation and Damage Assessment of Reinforced Concrete Column under Combined loading including Torsion.
  4. Behaviour of Masonry Assemblies Retorfitted with Textile Reinforced Concrete Under Static in-plane Loading.
  • Vetting of Structural Design and Drawings for Factory Buildings at Madhepura, Bihar.
  • Testing of composite for rehabilitation and strenthening of old nizamuddin bridge on NH_24 at New Delhi Testing and Characterization of FRP Laminates.
  • Testing and Material Characterization of H-Timber beams.
  • Testing and Characterization of Prestressing strands.
  • Approval for Performance Assessment of Damper Elements.
  • Development of Mix Design.
  • Load Test for Hollow Core Slabs.
  • Vetting of field testing of CPWD Project at Hyderabad.
  • Testing of Concrete cubes.
  • Vetting Design of the excavation less ground mount ballast structure.
  • Vetting design of the KVS School building at Karimnagar District.
  • Meterial Characterization of H-timber Beams.
  • Repair & rehabilitaion of existing Ganga Bridge(old) at km.92.395 and balance work of its approaches on Hapur Bypass to Moradabad section from Km.85.000 to Km.140.000 of NH-24 in the state of Uttar Pradesh.
  • Six Laning of Km 9.900 to km 19.948(Aramgharh-Samsabad Section) of Hyderabad-Bengaluru Section of NH44 under NH(O) on EPC basis in the State of Telangana.
  • Characterization of MYK Savemix C1 - Bipolar.
  • Vetting of the Design for launching mechanisms for the steel through bridge.
  • Design Vetting of their project for APTIDCO (Phase III).
  • Performance Assessment of Damper Elements.
  • Vetting / Proof checking of the Design & Drawings for APTIDCO Project.
  • Design Verification and Vetting of Prefabricated House.
  • Testing and Characterization of H-timber beams.
  • Vetting of Design for launching mechanisams for the steel through bridge.
Dr. T. Shashidhar
  1. Design of Permeable Bio-Barriers to contain Cr(VI) In a Contaminated Aquifers.
  2. Seasonal Hydrologic Predictions based on Regional forecasts of Monsoon Rainfall with CWRF & Statistical Downscaling.
  3. Visit the cluster and formulation of Project/Gram Panchayat Development Plan.
  • CFD analysis to assess the functionality of surge pool of Kaleswaram Project Package 10.
  • Providing technical support for the project ‘Rehabilitation and Revitalization of the Bidar Karez.
  • Third Party Inspection of Orange Category Industries.
  • CFD analysis including surge analysis of surge pool, surege pool optimization and studying the tunnel hydraulics.
  • HNSS Project Phase-II Alternate Proposal Design approval.
  • Expert opinion on surge analysis report of pipe 3200 dia MS pressure main stage I and II.
  • Studies related to back water effect due to construction of Polavaram Project in Andhra Pradesh and its effects on Telangana are.
  • Vetting of designs and drawings of 100 MLD WTP at Varanasi for Varanasi Water Supply Project.
  • Construction of Smart Trunk Infrastructure with Roads and Utilities Project for Amaravati Development Corporation Limited (ADCL).
  • Consultancy Services and Design Vetting for the Structures.
  • Manufacturing, Supplying, Lowering, Laying of 1800 MS Pipe line from Ganpur to Patancheru along ORR including Inlining and outcoating with cement motor.
  • Smart Integrated Infrastructure Master Plan for Phase-I Infrastructure Works at Amaravati Capital City Package-9 (N9, N4 and N14 Roads).
  • Smart integrated infrastructure master plan for Phase-I infrastructure works at Amaravati capital city-package VIII(E10,E14 & N16 Roads) and package XII (E7,E9,E11N3A & N3b Roads) for Amaravati development Corporation ltd.
  • GNSS Package No. 30/2006-CDF Analysis of Chute Spillway.
  • Vetting of Designs and Drawings - Development of Water Suply in Baripada, Sambalpur, Rourkela& Jharsuguda.
  • Surge Analysis for Package No. 09 for Kaleswaram Project.
  • Vetting of Surge Analysis reports for kaleshwaram Project Package 12 Scheme at Siddipet.
  • Design Vetting of Pressure mains PS1 and PS2 of Package 14 and 2.
  • Consultancy Charges for preparing Hydraulic Design of Surge Protection system for the minimum and maximum water level condition of Sita Rama Lift irrigation Project Package 1 In Telangana.
  • Vetting Design Drawing of road cross section, plan and profile, storm water,sewerage line, Water Pipe line in ULBS Athmakur, Kavali, Gudur of Nellore District, ELSR-Nellore Gudur, GLSR-Nellore,Gudur, Atmakur.
  • Design Vetting of transient analysis of Sita Rama Lift Irrigation Project Package 5.
  • Widening & Up-Gradation of Dewas Bypass road from Km 0+000 at Ujjain Dewas Junction and Ends at Km 19+800 of Indore Junction to four/Six Laning of in the State of Madhya Pradesh on DBFOT basis- Request for review of pavement design report.
  • CFD Analysis of connecting canal from delivery cistern 2 for 2 pumps to gravity main canal.
  • Design Vetting surge analysis report for lifting of 3TMC from Ramappa tank to Pakhala Lake for JCR DLIC Phase III Ramappa Pakhala LIS.
  • Design Vetting surge analysis report of JCR DLIC Phase III Package IV.
  • Design vetting surge analysis of 1100mm diameter pressure main fo rpump house at Km 4.5 on feeder channel to Vyasasamudram tank for Vyasasamudram.
  • For Vetting of Designs and Drawings for Construction of 10 TMC Reservoir at Keshavapuram Reservoir Project.
Dr. Anil Agarwal
  1. Structural assessment and strengthening of existing telecom towers to enable them to support small wind turbines.
  • Design Checks and Certification.
  • Designs checks and Certification of foot over bridge.
  • Vetting of structural design and certification of three PEB buildings.
  • Design checks and Verification.
  • Third Party Design Check of three buildings to be build at a Cochin site for HPCL.
  • Structural Steel design for third party design check of a façade system being designed for Chennai Airport.
  • Proof Checking of the structural design of an extension of PEB structure to be built at HAL, Bangalore.
  • Vetting of structural design of the pipe bridges & walkway structure at HPCL, Cochin.
  • Vetting of the extension block design and strengthening of the PEB columns.
  • Third Party design check of the ventilation requirement during fire in a tunnel structure.
  • ETMJ1- Proof checking of the connection and substructure design including the fabrication details drawings.
Dr. Digvijay S. Pawar
  • Engaging the Services of traffic experts from IIT Hyderabad for vetting the proposed Elevated Rotary at Cyber Towers.
  • Testing Bitumen and Emulsion Samples.
Dr. Seetha N
  1. Testing Bitumen and Emulsion Samples
Dr. Surendra Nadh Somala
  1. Investigating Seismic Source Physics inclusion into Engineering Analysis of Built-Environment.
  2. Dynamic slip of earthquakes with available data.
  • Vetting of structural designs and drawings for STPs.
  • Consultancy services for Construction of 2nd ROB between Hanamakona-Kazipet on NH 163 at Km 133/4 to 134/2 and railway at km 365/31-33 of kazipet- Ballarsha section in warangal ,Telangana.

Chemical Engineering

Faculty Grant-in-aid/Sponsored Projects Consultancy Projects
Dr. Narasimha Mangadoddy
  1. Research for Improving Dense media cyclone.
  2. Development of a multi - component classification model for industrial hydrocyclones.
  3. CFD Modelling of Fluid Flow in Air pollution control equipment (ESP, Bag filter, Cyclones, Scrubber, Centrifugal fans).
  4. Improving the efficiency of spiral concentrator separating the multi-component chromite ore particles using CFD and experimental methods.
  • Development of Mathematical Model for Integrated Iron Ore Grinding Ball Mill-Air Classifier Circuit- Energy-Grind Optimization.
  • Estimation of Hydrodynamics of Large Scale(2 mDIA) Column Flotation using Semi-Empirical and CFD Models.
Dr. Devarai Santhosh Kumar
  1. Production Engineering of Glutaminase free L-asparaginase by SSF and SmF Using Novel Asparagine rich Agricultural waste and Product Characterization as Anti-Leukaemic Agent.
  2. Semi-Pilot Scale Production of Lipase by Solid State Fermentation (SSF) for Transesterification of Biodiesel Analysis.
Dr. Lopamudra Giri
  1. Integrated approach towards economic production of baculovirus pesticide- Combination of genetic engineering, systems biology and bioreactor design.
  2. Women Scientist Scheme A (WOS-A) "Design of a cost effective multi-well plate for high throughput drug screening platform- study on combination therapy".
Dr. Balaji Iyer
  1. Modeling and Simulation of Bio-inspired Particle-Polymer Hybrid Material Networks.
Dr. Vinod Janardhan
  1. Detailed Kinetic, Studies of Biogas Reforming on Ni Catalyst.
  2. Mecthanation- A route for CO2 Mitigation and bio-methane production.
Dr. Phanindra Jampana
  1. Design of SAR Image Pre Processing Techniques for Improving Probability of Correlation.
Dr. Sunil K. Maity
  1. Steam reforming of butanols using high surface area mesoporous CeO2-ZrO2 Mixed Oxides supported Metal Catalysts.
  2. Catalytic conversion of Furfural to Tetrahydrofuran (THF) and Other commodity chemicals at Bench scale.
Dr. Saptarshi Majumdar
  1. Lignin De-Polymerization- Catalysts for Targeted Perfomance.
  2. Electrospun Nan-fiber as Carrier for Controlled Release of Amphotericin-B and Pipering Connecting Drug-Polymer Fiber Properties to Release Kinetics.
  3. Process Development for Generation of Coal Related Products from High Ash Trailings Coal.
  • Comprehensive Analysis of Existing Separation Processes of Coke Making by-products and Development of Value Added Products from Coal and Coal tar.
Dr. Kishalay Mitra
  • Optimization of mechanical properties of hot rolled steel using evolutionary as well as classical approaches.
Dr. Anand Mohan
  1. Mathematical modelling of autowaves phase transforms and surface chemical reactions in blood coagulation.
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).
Dr. Parag Pawar
  1. Multi-scale investigation of the dynamics of polymicrobial biofilm development under hydrodynamic shear.
Prof. Kirti Chandra Sahu
  1. Development and applications of High Performance Lattice Boltzmann Method (LBM) for Multiphase Flows.
  2. Linear stability analyses of interfacial flows of fluids with complex rhelogy.
Dr. Satyavrata Samavedi
  1. Bi- Functional Co-Electrospun Scaffolds for Combating Inflammation in the context of Tissue Regeneration.
  2. The role of intracellular calcium signalling in matrixmedicated differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells.
Dr. Chandra Shekar Sharma
  1. Electrospun Polymer and Carbon Nanofibers for Energy, Environment and Healthcare Applications.
  2. Direct recycling of polystyrene based waste objects using orange peel extract for oil spills remediation.
  3. Implementation of Global Initiative on Academic Network (GIAN) Programme.
  4. Resorcinol-Formaldehyde derived Graphitized Carbon Xerogel as High Capacity Anode for Lithium Ion Battery.
  5. Extreme Point of Care Diagnostics on a CD.
  6. Hierarchical nanostructured carbon materials derived from candle soot and graphene for high rate and hih performance electrodes for automotive batteries and supercapacitors.
  7. Nanostructured Polymer Thin Film.
Dr. Debaprasad Shee
  1. Development of Bi-Functional Catalysts for the Direct Synthesis of Dimethyl Ether from Synthesis Gas.
  2. Lignin De-Polymerization- Catalysts for Targeted Perfomance.
  3. Conversion of Lignin to Aromatic Based Chemicals using Supported Metal Catalysts.

Department of Chemistry

Faculty Grant-in-aid/Sponsored Projects Consultancy Projects
Prof. M. Deepa
  1. Development of FRET Enhanced Quantum Dot Sensitized Solar Cell.
  2. Development of Novel Lithium-Sulfur and Lithium-Selenium Battery Configurations with Long Cycling Life.
  3. India-UK Center for Education and research in clean energy (IUCERCE).
  4. Low Cost Solid-State Plasmonic Quantum Dot Solar Cells with 9% Efficiencies.
  5. Indo-US BASE (Bhaskara Advanced Solar Energy) Internship Program.
Prof. Faiz Ahmed Khan
  1. Syntheses of a library of molecules on marine natural product platforms and their biological evaluations.
Prof. Ch. Subrahmanyam
  1. Transformation of Greenhouse Gases into Clean Fuels by Low Temperature Plasma Catalysis.
  2. A new model for photocatalytic water splitting with bismuth based metal-oxo compounds using photosensitizers.
  3. Degradation of Aqueous Phenolic compounds by Catalytic Nonothermal Plasma based Advanced Oxidation Process.
  4. Development and Demonstration of a Prototype catalytic Plasma incinerator for the removal of Noxious air pollutants.
  5. Charaterization and micro structure of High temperature ceramics.
  6. To Engage the Services of the Consultant (Annexure-A).
  7. Development and Demonstration of a Prototype catalytic Plasma incinerator for the removal of industrial noxious gases.
  8. Development and demonstration of a prototype catalytis plasma incinerator for the removal of noxious air pollutants.
Dr. G. Satyanarayana
  1. Transition metal mediated intermolecular C-C and intramolecular C-O bonds formation- Concise enantiosetective synthesis of Chromans.
  2. Transition metal mediated intermolecular C-C and intramolecular C-N bonds formation- Concise synthesis of Tetrahydroquinolines.
Dr. Tarun k panda
  1. C-H Activation of poorly active molecules by organo-alkaline earth metal catalyst.
  2. Amidophoshine Borane as potential source for hydrogen-An experimental & Computational approach.
  3. 8th Programme Advisory Committee Meeting in the area of Inorganic & Physical Chemistry to be held on 8-9th August, 2017 at IIT-H.
  4. Design and synthesis of polycyclic heteroarenes using rhodium catalysed C-H activation and their live cancer cell imaging.
  5. Highly selective ring opening polymerization of cyclic esters catalyzed by alkali metal complexes leading to Biodegradable polymer.
Prof. G. Prabusankar
  1. Chalcogenone stabilized heavier main group compounds- Synthesis and reactivity studies.
  2. Precursor Chemistry and Chemical vapor deposition of transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs) MoS2 and WS2- Nano layer Growth and evaluation of functional properties.
  3. CNC Ene Pincer Tupe Carbene Metal Derivatives for CC and C-X Bond Formation Reactions.
  4. Mesoionic Carbene Analogues of Late Transition Metal Thione and Seleone Derivatives for C-C, C-N and C-S Bond Formation Reactions.
Dr. D.S.Sharada
  1. Novel cascade annulations leading to biologically relevant and diverse heterocyclic frameworks via cross-dehydrogenative couplings, redox reactions,and C-H activations.
Dr. Bhabani Shankar Mallik
  1. Molecular Dynamics Studies of Hydrated IONIC Liquids and their Biosolvation Nature.
  2. First principles approaches to structure, reactivity and spectroscopy of ionic liquids.
  3. Hydroxyl group as the vibrational reporter for dynamics of aqueous solutions.
Dr. Surendra Kumar Martha
  1. Development of High Energy Density Lithium-Manganese-Rich (LMR-NMC) (Li1.2Mn0.53Ni0.17co0.10)-C-Limn0.8Fe0.2P04 Blended Electrodes for Next Generation Lithium-Ion Batteries.
  2. Feasibility Study for the Development & Realisation of Pouch/Prismatic Sodium Ion Cells for defense application.
  3. Development and Demonstration of High Energy Density Valve-Regulated Lead Acid(VRLA) Batteries for Remote Area Power Supply(RAPS) and Electric Vehicles(Evs).
  4. In Situ Synthesis of High Capacity Silicate Cathodes for Lithium-Ion Batteries- An Integrated Approach.
  5. Studies on Development of Evolutionary and Artificial Neural Network algorithms & Field Programmable Gate Array based System on Chip Implementation for intelligent Sensor Applications.
Dr. Somnath Maji
  1. Design and Synthesis of Molecular Catalysts for Chemical, Electrochemical and Photochemical Water Oxidation, Carbon dioxide Reduction and Proton Reduction and Applications of Molecular Catalysts in Functional Devices for Solar Fuels Production.
Dr. Jai Prakash
  1. Search for new transition metal based Zintl phases with complex crystal structures for thermoelectric applications.

Computer Science and Engineering

Faculty Grant-in-aid/Sponsored Projects Consultancy Projects
Dr. M. V. Panduranga Rao
  1. Financial Assistance to the Department of Computer Science & Engineering under FIST Program
Dr. Antony Franklin
  1. Low Latency Network Architecture and Protocols for 5G Systems and IOT
Dr. Bheemarjuna Reddy Tamma
  1. Multi-link Communication Technology.
  2. 171008D03 - Open-Prototyping Methodologies for 5G Systems December 26-30, 2017
  • Review of Software Denied Products and advise on MAC and Networking.
Prof.C. Krishna Mohan
  1. Deep learning Techniques for Embedded Computer Vision.
  2. Development of Deep Network Architecture on Legacy Embedded Hardware.
  3. Design and Development of Real-Time Transportation Safety Monitoring System for Smart Cities.
Dr. Kotaro Kataoka
  1. To Protect their Confidential & intend to exchange confidential and/or proprietary information
Dr. Maunendra Sankar Desarkar
  • To Consulnt for design, development & review of machine learning systems ot be developed by Parabole.
Dr. N. R. Aravind
  1. Thresholds for random graph models.
Dr. Ramakrishna Upadrasta
  1. Complier Collaboration between AMD and IIT Hyderbad.
  2. Compliers for Secure Architectures.
  3. 171008K02-Programming Multicores, GPUs and Accelerators- A Principled, Quantitative Approach.
Dr. J. SakethaNath
  1. Develop machine learning algorithms that can learn from millions of categories so as to open up a new paradigm for ranking & recommendation as well as tackle applications such as tagging queries/tweets/documents/webpages with Wikipedia categories, recognizing FaceBook/Kinect users in images, etc.
Dr. Sathya Peri
  1. An Efficient Software Framework for developing Reliable Multi-threaded Applications for Multi-Core Architectures.
  2. Tools for Large scale Graph Analytics.
  3. A Framework for Enhancing Trust using ChainTrail & Blockchain.
  4. Efficient Middleware Based on Multi-Version Transactional Memory System for Multi-Core Systems.
  5. An Efficient Software Framework for developing Reliable Multi-threaded Applications for Multi-Core Architectures.
  6. An Efficient Software Framework for High Performance Computing Systems.
  • MSR India Unrestricted Research Grant 2014.
  • On increasing consurrency in transactional Memory Systems.
Dr. Saurabh Joshi
  1. Scope Enrichment of Verification Technologies
Dr. Sobhan Babu
  1. Data Analytics (Sub-Title Aeronautical Data Analytics, PMT Data Analytics, HBS & HSPS Data Analytics).
  2. Identifying Anomalous Dealers using Big Data analytics.
Dr. Srijith P. K.
  1. owards Understanding the Diffusion of Misinformation in Online Social Networks- Application to Vaccination Rumour Detection.
  2. 171008K01 - Diffusion in Social and Information Networks- Problems, Models and Machine Learning Methods December 11-14, 2017.
Dr. Vineeth N Balasubramanian
  1. Analysis of Call Data Records (CDRs), person identification from speech data and recognition of persons and activities from surveillance videos using machine learning, pattern recognition, signal/image/video/speech processing, high-dimensional data analytics, and cutting-edge research in related areas.
  2. Deep learning for Visual Detection of Aerial Images.
  3. Explainable Artificial Intelligence.
  4. Detection and Prediction of Anomalous Aerial Vechicle Behaviour using Explainable Artificial Intelligence.
  5. Transfer Learning and AI for Images / Videos and Speech Processing.
  6. Understanding Error Surfaces of Deep Neural Networks.
  • Analysis of Call Data Records (CDRs), person identification from speech data and recognition of persons and activities from surveillance videos using machine learning, pattern recognition, signal/image/video/speech processing, high-dimensional data analytics, and cutting-edge research in related areas.
  • Automatic Recognition of Handdrawn Sketches for Learning Environments.
  • Deep Learning and Computer Vision for Real-World Industry Applications.

Department of Design

Faculty Grant-in-aid/Sponsored Projects Consultancy Projects
Prof. Deepak John Mathew
  1. National Initiative for Design Innovation

Electrical Engineering

Faculty Grant-in-aid/Sponsored Projects Consultancy Projects
Dr. Amit Acharyya
  1. Design of FPGA based AFDX switch and implementation on NETFPGA.
  2. Indigenous Hybrid Sensor and Processing Integration Technology Development for Defence System on Chip Applications.
  3. Low-Complexity Architectures and Subsequent System on Chip Design for Under-determined Blind Source Separation Problem.
  4. Design of Hig Speed N X N Packet Switch & Implementation fof FPGA.
  5. Development of algorithm for deinterleaving of pluses vectors using BSS method.
  6. Approximate Computing and its application on Artificial Intelligence.
  7. ECG Denoising, Artifacts removal and Feature Extraction for Continuous Monitoring Applications.
  8. 171008D02 - Digital Chip Design for futuristic Cardio-vascular health Monitoring Dec 5-10, 2017.
  9. Deep Neural Network Model improvisation targeting resoure constrained embedded platformfor defence application
Dr. Sushmee Badhulika
  1. Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research (Inspire).
  2. Low cost, low power water purification technique using Graphene based electrode.
  3. Hybrid nano gas sensor arrays for detection of atmospheric and green house gases.
Dr. Ravikumar Bhimasingu
  1. Implementation of Electrical Machines Based Virtual Synchronous Generator (VSG) for Improving Resiliency in Renewable Energy Based Microgrids.
  • Design of AC-DC and DC-DC Converters.
Dr. Sumohana S. Channappayya
  1. Algorithms for ADASand Autonomous Vehicles.
  • Deep Learning based Image Enhancement, Synthesis and Processing area for worldwide customers.
Dr. Gajendranath Chowdary
  1. Solar and Vibration based Hybrid "Energy Scavenging system for Self Sustainable Defence applications in 180 NM CMOS.
Prof. Uday B. Desai
  1. Setting up of Fabless Chip Design Incubator at Indian Institute of Technology, Kandi, Sangareddy, Telangana.
  2. Data science based forming support system for sustainable crop production under climatic change (DSFS).
Dr. Ashudeb Dutta
  1. Self-powered wearable ECG Pathch for IoT healthcare.
  2. Design and Development of Space Grade X-Band Integrated 15W Gallium Nitride (GaN) power Amplifier).
Dr. Naresh Emani
Dr. Swati Gupta
  1. Developemnt of felxible charge transport layers for organic solar cells.
  2. Development of Ternary Organi Solar Cells on Low Cost Flexible Substrates.
  3. 171008D06 - Organic Solar Cells January 08-12, 2018.
Dr. Soumya Jana
  1. Development of Computational Software intergrating Multilevel Image Data Analysis- Towards efficient clinical practices and advanced biomolecular research in ophthalmology.
  2. Development of Robust Algorithms for detection & classification of ships based on ultra sound wake signature.
Prof. Mohammed Zafar Ali Khan
  1. Visvesvaraya Phd Scheme for Electronics & IT.
  2. Financial Assistance to the Department of Electrical Engineering, (FIST).
Dr. Sri Rama Murty Kodukula
  1. Imprint Development of Speech Interface for Form-filling application in Five Indian languages.
  2. Development of Speech Interface to command control system.
  • Consultancy Services to Meeami Technologies.
  • Kovid-Labs-QbESTD-KWS-System-Development.
Dr. Abhinav Kumar
  1. Performance evaluation of cellular networks in unlicensed spectrum co-existing with Wifi.
  2. Energy Efficient Lighting with visible light Based Commincation and power Power Line communications.
Prof. Kuchi Kiran Kumar
  1. Converged Cloud Radio Access Network (CCRAN).
  2. 5G Research and Building Next Gen Solutions for Indian Market.
  3. LTE-R For Indian Railways.
  4. Indigenous 5G Test Bed (Building an end to end 5G Test Bed) in India.
Dr. K. Siva Kumar
  1. A fault tolerant multilevel inverter configuration for islanded mode photovoltaic generation system.
Dr. Lakshmi Prasad Natarajan
Prof. P. Rajalakshmi
  1. Mobile Sensor Network Technologies.
Dr. G. V. V. Sharma
  1. Self-powered Wireless Chipset for Building to Building Communication.
  2. Block Modulated Strategic Communications for Narrow-band and wide-band channels.
  3. Development of a Transceiver system with variable rates and blocklengths for digital video broadcast (DVB-S2).
Prof. Shiv Govind Singh
  1. Low Temperature and low pressure CU-CU Fine Pitch Bonding for Vertical (3-D) Integration.
  2. Development of conductive nanowire based Biosensor for detection of Genetic Changes.
  3. Miniaturized bioimaging device with embedded nanosensor for real time oxygen sensing.
  4. Design, Fabrication and Characterization of Uncooled Microbolometer for IR Imaging Applications.
  5. Development of facile, inexpensive microfluidics platform using incremental foil assisted rapid molding (i-FARM) manufacturing methods and 3D printed assisted electro-spin nanofibers for the separation and detection of circulating tumor cells of ovarian cancer.
Dr. Seshadri Sravan Kumar V
  1. Construction of Sewerage system for Sewerage District-III of Bhubaneswar city.
Dr. Siva Rama Krishna Vanjari
  1. Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducer Arrays for Next Generation Ultrasound Systems.
  2. IMPRINT - Minimally Invasive Mobile Healthcare Diagnostic platform for Glycated Hemoglobin.
  3. Special Manpower Development Programme for Chips to System Design.
Dr. Pradeep Kumar Yemula
  1. Low Temperature and low pressure CU-CU Fine Pitch Bonding for Vertical (3-D) Integration.
  2. Development of conductive nanowire based Biosensor for detection of Genetic Changes.
  3. Miniaturized bioimaging device with embedded nanosensor for real time oxygen sensing.
  4. Design, Fabrication and Characterization of Uncooled Microbolometer for IR Imaging Applications.
  5. Development of facile, inexpensive microfluidics platform using incremental foil assisted rapid molding (i-FARM) manufacturing methods and 3D printed assisted electro-spin nanofibers for the separation and detection of circulating tumor cells of ovarian cancer.

Liberal Arts

Faculty Grant-in-aid/Sponsored Projects Consultancy Projects
Dr. Haripriya Narasimhan
  1. Health Practices resources and governance in the margins of the state.
  2. Examining the New in kinship and Family in South Asia.
Dr. Badri Narayan Rath
  1. Patterns of Innovation, Technological Competition and Firm Performance in Case of Indian Manufacturing Sector.
Dr.Amrita Deb
  1. Resilience and mental health among young urban adults who have overcome childhood adversities.
Dr.Srirupa Chatterjee
  1. Body Image and Female Identity- Popular Perceptions, Theoretical Interventions and Possible Implications.
Dr. Mahati Chittem
  1. Consulting Services and Academic Activities Agreement.
  2. The relationship between using Diabetes Euphemisms, Illness beliefs and ashrence among Patients with type-2 diabetes in India.
  3. Physician-educator perceptions and experiences of patient empathy- A qualitative study.
Dr. M. P. Ganesh
  1. Work Place Bullying in Hospitality Industry- Role of Individual and Organizational Factors.
  2. Emerging Leaders Program.
Dr. Anindita Majumdar
  1. A Preliminary Study of Ageing & Assisted Reproduction in India.
  2. Post-Menopausal Reproduction- Aging, Family and Assisted Reproduction in Contemporary India.
Dr. Aalok Khandekar
  1. Pathways in air pollution Governance in Indian Cities- from Education to Science to Governance.

Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering

Faculty Grant-in-aid/Sponsored Projects Consultancy Projects
Dr.Pinaki Prasad Bhattacharjee
  1. FIST Program 2016.
  2. Development of a Novel AlCoCrFeNi21 Eutectic High Entropy Alloy Using Thermo-Mechanical Engineering.
  3. Development of High Entropy Alloys with outstanding stength-ductility for various applications.
  4. Development of bulk Nanostructured multicomponent high entropy alloys for advanced structural applications.
  5. Recrystalization Behavior and Evolution of Microstructure and Mechanical Properties in Bulk Nanostructured Duplex Steels Processed by severe Plastic Deformation.
Dr. Suhash Ranjan Dey
  1. Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme (TEQIP) Phase-II.
  2. Feasibility studies on joining austenitic stainless steel with other application-based alloys using friction stir welding process.
  3. Feasibility Studies of Joining Titanium aluminides through friction Stir welding.
  4. Role of Aluminium addition in high strength interstitial free (IFHS) steel.
  5. Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme (TEQIP) Phase-III).
Dr. Ranjith Ramadurai
  1. Investigations on influence of cationic ordering, anisotropy and strain in functional domains of multiferroic relaxor thin films and bulk ceramics for magneto-dielectric based device applications.
  2. Effect of anisotropy on exchange bias of multiferroic oxides with modulated spin structures for novel magnetic field sensor applications.
  3. Design and Fabrication of piezoelectric energy harvester usingnlead free thin films.
  4. Synthesis of novel multifunctional nano composites & study the influence of size, shape, strain & organizational behavior at nano scale for magnetodielectric device applications.
Dr. Bharat Bhooshan Panigrahi
  1. Synthesis and sintering of Ultrafine Grained MAX Phase Compounds.
Dr.Saswata Bhattacharya
  1. Development of Modeling techniques (Atomistic Monte Carlo and mesoscale Phase Field Simulations) to Understand Metallurgical phenomena in advanced High Strength Steels.
  2. Computational Microstructural Design of P/M Disk Superalloys using Phase-Field Modeling towards Accelerated alloy development.
  3. Effect of Electromechanical Forces on Domain Evolution in Ferroelectric & Multiferroic Thin Films- Phase-Field Modeling & Simulations.
Dr. Mudrika Khandelwal
  1. TLC Plotter Poster Printing Facility.
  2. Vigyan Jyoti-Pilot Vigyan Jyoti Knowledge Centre.
  3. Consultancy services for Antimicrobial activity test for qualitative and quantitative.
  4. Induction Training Program under PMMMNMTT.
  5. Polymer and Carbon based three Dimensional micropatterned nanofabric with enhanced wattability contrast.
  6. Novel Low cost antifouling materials for healthcare and food packaging industry.
  7. Setteing up of a Teaching Learning Centre under the Scheme Pandit madan Mohan Malaviya National Mission on Teachers and Teaching(PMMMNMTT).
Dr. Subhradeep Chatterjee
  1. Design Manufacturing & Microstructural Analysis of Novel Hard Coatings on Titanium Produced by Weld Deposition Techniques.
  2. National Centre for Clean Coal Research and Development.
Dr. Rajesh Korla
  1. Evaluation of creep behavior of AICoCrFeNiMo0.5 high strenght high entropy alloy.
Dr. Sairam K Malladi
  1. New insights into the localised corrosion of advanced metallic alloys using electron microscopy.
Dr.Shourya Dutta Gupta

Department of Mathematics

Faculty Grant-in-aid/Sponsored Projects Consultancy Projects
Prof . Balasubramaniam Jayaram
  1. Similarity Based Reasoning and Fuzzy relational inference- A comprehensive Study.
Dr. Subrahmanya Sastry Challa
  1. Invarant and sparse modeling- theory and applications.
Dr. Sukumar D
  1. Analytical and computational perspective of condition spectrum.
Dr. Tanmoy Paul
  1. Some New Variants of Bishop-Phelps-Bollobas Theorem For Spaces X* and Lip0(X).

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Faculty Grant-in-aid/Sponsored Projects Consultancy Projects
Dr. Raja Banerjee
  1. Uncertainty Estimation in External Flow CFD Simulations.
  2. Development of a GPU Enabled VOF Based Two-Phase CFD Solver to Simulate Flow Dynamics in a Steel Producing Converter.
  3. To Strengthen the Research Facilities in the Department.
  4. Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Doublet Jet-on-Jet Impinging Atomizer.
  • Vetting of Designs and drawings of EOT Cranes.
Dr. Abhay Sharma
  1. Nondestructive Characterization of Surfaces using Digital Holographic Microscopy.
Dr. Ashok Kumar Pandey
  1. Coupled dynamics of MEMS/NEMS Arryas.
  2. Static And Dynamic Characterisation of Bolted Structure.
Dr. Badarinath Karri
  1. Experimental studies in bubble dynamics-rising bubble dynamics and characterization of sprays from bubble induced impinging jets.
  • Off-Road Vehicle Design & Manufacturing Competition.
Dr. Chandrika Prakash Vyasarayan
Dr. Gangadharan Raju
  1. Experimental studies on delamination failure of fiber reinforced composite under static and fatigue loading.
Dr. Harish Nagaraj Dixit
  1. Dynamics of moving contact lines and drop impact on dry surfaces.
  2. Development of design methodology for geometry of grooves on rotating ring of dry gas seal for compressors.
Dr. Mahesh M S
  1. Development of Analytical model for multi layered fragment separation due to high explosive loading.
Dr. Nishanth Dongari
  1. Simulation Studies on Plume Analysis of Divert Thrusters of PDV Missile at High Altitude.
  2. Modeling multiscale flow systems using molecular simulation Methods.
  3. CFD and DSMC Simulations on 3SM Missile Covering the Continuum to Transition Flow Regimes.
  4. DSMC Simulation for high altitude application.
Dr. Nizamuddin Khaderi Syed
  1. Numerical Analysis of Blast Loading due to Explosions in Sand.
  2. High Strain Rate and High Tenperature Material Characterization Lab Establishment.
  3. Calibration of Constitutive Models for Aluminium Foam.
Dr. Pankaj Kolhe
  1. Novel Flow Blurring Injector Characterization using Point and Planar Optical Diagnostic Techniques.
Dr. Prasanth Kumar R
  1. Cable Stiffened Flexible Link Manipulator for Pick-and-Place Tasks.
Dr. Ramji M
  1. Flexural behavior of open hole CFRP laminates under transverse loading- An Experimental and Numerical Study.
  2. Fatigue life assessment of upgraded MiG-29 landing gears.
  • Fabrication of CFRP Laminates.
Dr. Saravanan B
  1. Experimental Studies on Swirl-Stabilized Turbulent Premixed and Stratified Dimethyl Ether/Air Flames using Laser Diagnostic Techniques.
Dr. S. Surya Kumar
  1. Thermal Management Approaches for Distortion Control in Metal Additive Manufacturing.
Prof.Venkata Reddy N
  1. Incremental forming.
  2. Development and Validation of Predictive Models for Forming of Large Components using Double Sided Incremental Forming and Studies on Difficult to Form Materials using Hybrid Approaches.
  3. Development of Electric Pulse Aided Bending and Roll Forming Processes.
  4. Forming of Thermoplastic Composites using Reconfigurable Tooling.
  5. Intelligent Circular Manufacturing Research & Educational Collaboration with India & Japan (INMAN).
Dr. Venkatesham B
  1. Acoustic Analysis of Afterburner Screech Liner.
  2. Development of low frequency noise control sheet absorber- A biomimetic solution.
  3. Acoustic Characterization of Functionally Engineered Material.
Prof. Vinayak Eswaran
  1. Development of CFD code for 3-D MHD liquid metal flows under high magnetic fields and complex geometry related to the First wall Blanket Modules for Fusion Reactors.
  2. Development of a General Purpose CFD Solver over a Hybrid Unstructured Grid.
Dr. Viswanath Chinthapenta
  1. Void growth modeling in BCC steels using CPFEM.
  2. Computational and Experimental Characterization of Biosynthetic Corneas.

Department of Physics

Faculty Grant-in-aid/Sponsored Projects Consultancy Projects
Dr. Saket Asthana
  1. Electric field driven phase stabilization and structure property correlation in A-Site disodered lead-free piezoceramics.
  2. Investigations of the elctric field driven effects on structural, ferroelectric and photoluminescence properties in rare earth substituted lead free piezoceramics (CRS-M-250).
  3. Financial Assistance to the Department of Physics under FIST Program.
Prof. Anjan Kumar Giri
  1. Collaboration by Indian Physicists on Neutrino Projects.
Dr. Anurag Tripathi
  1. 171008M01 - The Infrared Structure of Perturbative Gauge Theories December 4-13, 2017.
Dr. Arabinda Halder
  1. Smart Magnetic Media for Spin Wave Based Devices.
Dr. Bhuvanesh Ramakrishna
  1. Enhanced ion temperature at solid density via laser-induced shocks in heterogeneous targets.
  2. Multi-PetaWatt Laser-Plasma Interactions- A New Frontier in Physics.
Dr. Jyoti Ranjan Mohanty
  1. Micromagnetic modeling and magnetic microscopy studies in magnetostrictive thin films.
  2. Investigation of room temperature exchange bias in thin films.
  3. Study of non-colliner spin texutres in gsymmetric antiferromagnetic & ferromagnetic multilayer nonostructures with the Dzyaloshinskn-Moriya interaction enhanced by interface engineering.
  4. Role of nano-structuring on the magneto-structural properties of magnetic thin films and multilayers for data storage application.
  5. Anisotropy Engineering in Magnetic Thin Films and Multilayer for Possible Applications.
  6. Depth Resolved Magnetism in Magnetic Heterostructure using Polarized Neutron Reflectivity (CRS-M-296).
  7. Anisotropy engineering and process optimization for the Development of Advanced Magnetic Thin Materials for field Sensing Application.
Dr. V. Kanchana
  1. Tuning the Spin-Polarisation of Heusier Intermetallics Towards Spintronic Applications
Dr. Manish K. Niranjan
  1. Experimental and theoretical investigation of structural and property relations in Ag(M)Nb(N)o3 ceramics systems.
  2. First Principles design and investigation of ultra-low resistance contact materials for nanoscale electronic devices.
Prof. Prem Pal
  1. Anodic Oxidation for advanced application in silicon based MEMS/NEMS.
  2. Hierarchical Hybrid Micro/Nano-Textured Monocrystalline Silicon and Polymer Anti-reflective Surfaces for High Efficiency Solar Cells.
  3. Fabrication of encapsulated cavities for bulk micromachined gyroscope structures.
Dr. Sai Santosh Kumar Raavi
  1. Development of femtosecond transient absorption spectrometer for exciton dissociation studies at a donor/acceptor interface in hybrid solar cell.
  2. Photoluminescence studies on Rare-Earth Modified Lead-Free Ferroelectric Ceramics.
Dr. J Suryanarayana
  1. Development of R-TM (R=rere earth and TM=transition metal) hybrid multilayers for biological sensor applications.
  2. Scanning tunneling microscope studies on magnetostrictive FeGA thin film; LTHM; In-situ magnetic and structural studies on ferromagnetic (FM)/Spin glass (SG) and FM/anti-ferromagnetic bilayers.
  3. Probing spin structure in Ho R Fe Cr O3 compounds.
Dr. Vandana Sharma
  1. Designing and fabrication of reaction microscope to study ultrafast reaction dynamics of atoms and molecules.
  2. IMPRINT Designing and fabrication of an aerodynamic lens for nanopaticles of variable size.
  3. Fabrication and Characterization of Phasemeter for abs, phase measurement of Ultrashort Laser Pulses.