Research Thrust Areas / Bio-inspired Processes and Systems


Nature provides us with a potentially endless supply of design ideas to solve some of the most complex problems in engineering and science. Given that these ideas are a result of millions of years of evolution, it is only natural for us to mimic them in our solutions. Researchers at IIT Hyderabad have drawn inspiration from this structure and design to come up with very novel solutions to problems such as oil spill remediation, waste management, electrode materials for batteries and super-capacitors etc. This thrust area has received close to INR 4 Crores in project funding.


Faculty Department Representative Project
Chandra Shekhar Sharma Chemical Engineering Direct Recycling of Polystyrene Based Waste Objects using Orange Peel Extract Oil for Oil Spills Remediation
Saptarshi Majumdar Chemical Engineering Lignin De-polymerisation- Catalysts for Targeted Performance
Kishalay Mitra Chemical Engineering Optimization of Mechanical Properties of Hot Rolled Steel using Evolutionary as well as Classical Approaches
Lopamudra Giri Chemical Engineering Integrated approach towards economic production of baculovirus pesticide- Combination of genetic engineering, systems biology and bioreactor design
Satyavrata Samavedi Chemical Engineering Bi-functional Co-Electrospun Scaffolds for Combating Inflammation in the Context of Tissue Regeneration
Parag D. Pawar Chemical Engineering Multiscale Investigation of the Dynamics of Polymicrobial Biofilm under Hydrodynamic Shear
Santhosh Kumar Devarai Chemical Engineering Production Engineering of Glutaminase free L-asparaginase by SSFand SmF Using Novel Asparagine rich Agricultural waste and Product Characterization as Anti-Leukaemic Agent
Harish Dixit Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Dynamics of Moving Contact Lines and Drop Impact on Dry Surfaces
Mudrika Khandelwal Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering Novel Low-cost Anti-fouling Materials for Healthcare and Food Packaging Industry
Debaprasad Shee Chemical Engineering Development of Bi-Functional Catalysts for Direct Synthesis of Dimethyl Ether from Synthesis Gas
Ashish Misra BioTechnology
Balaji Iyer Chemical Engineering Modeling and Simulation of Bioinspired Particle-Polymer Hybrid Material Networks

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