Research Thrust Areas / Catalysis


It would not be an exaggeration to claim that almost all commercially produced chemical products are a result of a catalytic process. Given the socio-economic impact of catalysis, IIT Hyderabad has a diverse team of researchers working on cutting edge technologies in this area. The applications of this research span fuel cells, clean technologies, DNA repair, to name a few.


Faculty Department Representative Project
Atul Deshpande Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering
Vinod Janardhanan Chemical Engineering Detailed Kinetic Studies of Biogas Reforming on Ni Catalyst
Ch. Subrahmanyam Chemistry Transformation of Greenhouse Gases into Clean Fuels by Low Temperature Plasma Catalysis
G. Prabusankar Chemistry Chalcogenone Stabilized Heavier Main Group Compounds- Synthesis and Reactivity Studies
Somnath Maji Chemistry Design and Synthesis of Molecular Catalysts for Chemical, Electrochemical and Photochemical Water Oxidation, Carbon dioxide Reduction and Proton Reduction and Applications of Molecular Catalysts in Functional Devices for Solar Fuels Production
G. Satyanarayana Chemistry Transition Metal Mediated Intermolecular C - C and Intermolecular C - O Bonds Formation- Concise Enantioselective Synthesis of Chromanas
Tarun Kanti Panda Chemistry C-H Activation of Poorly Active Molecules by Organo-Alkaline Earth Metal Catalyst
Sayak Banerjee Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Rajakumara Eerappa BioTechnology Mechanistic studies on high mobility group nucleosome (HMGN1) Binding protein complexes involved in DNA Repair


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