Research Highlights / Climate Change


That the effects of climate change are already upon us cannot be denied any longer. Unusual seasonal patterns, changing behaviors of flora and fauna, melting polar ice caps are all stark examples of the effects of climate change. Given the potentially catastrophic consequences of climate change, it is imperative to tackle this problem on an urgent basis using all the scientific wherewithal available to us. IIT Hyderabad has realized the urgency of this problem and has started an interdisciplinary MTech program on Climate Change. Importantly, researchers at the institute are tackling several problems ranging from carbon sequestration to wastewater management to environmental policy making.


Faculty Department Representative Project
Satish Regonda Civil Engineering Urban Flood Modelling - A web based Decision Tool Integrating UAV based Information
Ch. Subrahmanyam Chemistry Transformation of Greenhouse Gases into Clean Fuels by Low Temperature Plasma Catalysis
Aalok Khandekar Liberal Arts Pathways in Air Pollution Governance in Indian Cities- from Education to Science to Governance.
Asif Qureshi Civil Engineering Monitoring of Environmental Mercury at Five Thermal Power Stations/Projects
Chandrashekaram D. Civil Engineering
Debraj Bhattacharyya Civil Engineering Developing a Novel Sequencing Batch Reactor for In - situ Containerized Waste water Treatment
Pritha Chatterjee Civil Engineering
T. Shashidhar Civil Engineering Design of Permeable Bio-barriers to Contain Cr (VI) in Contaminated Aquifers
K. B. V. N. Phanindra Civil Engineering ICT in Water and Pest/disease Management for Yield Improvement in Horticulture (Citrus)
Raja Banerjee Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Uncertainty Estimation in External Flow CFD Simulations
Harish Dixit Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Dynamics of Moving Contact Lines and Drop Impact on Dry Surfaces
Kaushik Nayak Electrial Engineering
Digvijay S. Pawar Civil Engineering Surrogate Safety Measures at Unsignalled Crossings and its Applications in V2X Technology for Asian Mix Traffic
Kishalay Mitra Chemical Engineering Optimization of Mechanical Properties of Hot Rolled Steel using Evolutionary as well as Classical Approaches


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