Research Thrust Areas / Energy


Meeting the ever increasing energy demands of humanity in a sustainable and renewable manner is perhaps the greatest challenge facing us today. Batteries and renewable energy sources have a critical role to play in addressing this challenge. IIT Hyderabad researchers have made several key contributions to battery and renewable energy technologies and are leading the way towards building a more sustainable model for energy generation and storage.


Faculty Department Representative Project
Atul Deshpande Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering
Kishalay Mitra Chemical Engineering Optimization of Mechanical Properties of Hot Rolled Steel using Evolutionary as well as Classical Approaches
Chandra Shekhar Sharma Chemical Engineering Direct Recycling of Polystyrene Based Waste Objects using Orange Peel Extract Oil for Oil Spills Remediation
Vinod Janardhanan Chemical Engineering Detailed Kinetic Studies of Biogas Reforming on Ni Catalyst
Surendra Kumar Martha Chemistry Feasibility Study for the Development and Realisation of Pouch/Prismatic Sodium Ion Cells for Defense Applications
Ch. Subrahmanyam Chemistry Transformation of Greenhouse Gases into Clean Fuels by Low Temperature Plasma Catalysis
Somnath Maji Chemistry Design and Synthesis of Molecular Catalysts for Chemical, Electrochemical and Photochemical Water Oxidation, Carbon dioxide Reduction and Proton Reduction and Applications of Molecular Catalysts in Functional Devices for Solar Fuels Production
Niranjan S. Ghaisas Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Jai Prakash Chemistry Search for New Transition Metal based Zintl Phases with Complex Crystal Structures for Thermoelectric Applications
Sayak Banerjee Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
M. Deepa Chemistry Development of FRET Enhanced Quantum Dot Sensitized Solar Cell
Raja Banerjee Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Uncertainty Estimation in External Flow CFD Simulations


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