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Since its inception, IIT Hyderabad has placed special emphasis on developing healthcare technologies that address the needs of the country. The Center for Healthcare Entrepreneurship is a result of this focused effort on healthcare. Additionally, several researchers at IIT Hyderabad are engaged in conducting high quality research on engineering solutions for healthcare applications.


Faculty Department Representative Project
Kishalay Mitra Chemical Engineering Optimization of Mechanical Properties of Hot Rolled Steel using Evolutionary as well as Classical Approaches
Chandra Shekhar Sharma Chemical Engineering Direct Recycling of Polystyrene Based Waste Objects using Orange Peel Extract Oil for Oil Spills Remediation
Satyavrata Samavedi Chemical Engineering Bi-functional Co-Electrospun S c a f f o l d s f o r Comb a t i n g Inflammation in the Context of Tissue Regeneration
Shourya Dutta Gupta Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering Biosensing using Plasmonic SERS Substrates
Santhosh Kumar Devarai Chemical Engineering Production Engineering of Glutaminase free L-asparaginase by SSF and SmF Using Novel Asparagine rich Agricultural waste and Product Characterizationas Anti - Leukaemic Agent
R. Prasanth Kumar Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Cable Stiffened Flexible Link Manipulator for Pick-and-Place Tasks
Viswanath Chintapenta Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Bio-mechanical Simulations of Resuscitation
Anand Mohan Chemical Engineering Mathematical Modelling of Autowaves Phase Transforms and Surface Chemical Reactions in Blood Coagulation
Ashish Misra BioTechnology
Basant K. Patel BioTechnology Investigation of Mechanism of Mitochondrial Localization & Mitotoxicity of C-terminal Fragments of TDP-43 Implicated in ALS and Search for Effective Small Molecule Rescuers Against TDP-43 Induced Mitotoxicity
Anamika Bhargava BioTechnology Effect of Estrogen in T-type Voltage Gated Calcium Channels- Implications for Breast Cancer Therapy and Future Directions
Thenmalarchelvi R BioTechnology Structural Insights into RNA Duplexes Comprising Trinucleotide Repeat Extensions and their Implications in Alternative Splicing Misregulation by MBNL1
Renu John Biomedical Engineering C enter for Health care Entrepreneurship (CfHE)
Shiv Govind Singh Electrical Engineering Low Temperature and Low Pressure CU-CU Fine Pitch Bonding for Vertical (3-D) Integration
Mohan Raghavan Biomedical Engineering Development of a Reusable Library of Model Components for Human Spinal Cord Modeling and Simulation

In Mainstream Media

Vaccine On Wheels

IITHyderabad’s Center for Healthcare Entrepreneurship - CFHE Fellow Mr. Jignesh Patel has launched in Pune a Vaccination on Wheels Clinic, a first-of-its-kind service in India. This is being done in collaboration with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which provided a grant to Mr. Jignesh Pat...

Device that can monitor ECG and alert doctors

IITHyderabad Researchers have developed a low-power device that can monitor electrocardiogram (ECG) and alert patients and doctors in real-time about the risk of #cardiovascular diseases (CVD).


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