Colors Theme

Magenta      : Grow and move forward

Yellow        : New ideas or finding new ways of doing things.

Purple         : Creativity

Indigo         : Intuition, Higher mind

Deep green : Growth, freedom to pursue new idea

Blue            : Reliable, Responsible

Red             : Energy, Passion


Design Concept

The design philosophy of the logo is based on innovation and inventions through new and challenging ideas. The hard work with sincerity is the quality to achieve it.  The Sanskrit proverb कृषितोनास्ति दुर्भिक्षं” (kRuShitOnaasti durbhikShaM –Effort of Hard work will never be wasted) defines the philosophy of Advanced Functional Materials Laboratory.

Explanation of Logo:

1) The First two outer circles (Magenta and Yellow taken from our IITH logo colors) indicate that our lab belongs to IITH. Color scheme symbolizes the forward direction growth along with innovative ideas. The area between two circles fills with Yellow which is a symbol of optimism.

2) The indigo color circular arc is designed in the form of letter A, indicating Advanced. Indigo symbolizes a mystical borderland of wisdom, self-mastery and spiritual realization. It promotes deep concentration which is a legitimate requirement to evolve new ideas.

3) The hysteresis loop in deep green (for ferroelectric / ferromagnetic like characteristics) indicates the letter f stands for functional. It further shows our involvement in materials development and characterization with keeping the concept of Green environment.

4) Inside the hysteresis loop, there is geometrical crystal structure (with atoms in purple color) which indicates that the origin of properties is related to periodic arrangement of atoms. Purple is a symbol of creativity, piece of mind and good judgment. These three characteristics are intertwined within our philosophy to understand the materials through their structural-property correlations.

5) Inside the crystal structure, the letter M (in blue color) stands for materials. Blue is a color of sky and ocean which reflects the richness in materials research without any limit. It also shows sincerity and responsibility which is well taken care by us to provide Eco-friendly application oriented materials to the society. 

6) The proverb कृषितोनास्ति दुर्भिक्षं” with Red color indicates our energetic passion towards research.