List of Sponsored Projects:


S. No. Sponsoring Agency



7 CSIR Photoluminescence studies on rare-earth modified lead-free ferroelectric ceramics 2016-ongoing
6 DST-SERB Electric field driven phase stabilization and structure property correlation in A-site disordered lead-free piezoceramics 2015-ongoing
5. Department of Science and Technology, India (Fast Track) Effect of site specific cation  engineering on the physical properties of multiferroic materials



4. Defence Research & Development Organisation, India Investigation of magnetoelectric coupling in lead free based magnetoelectric composites for sensor applications 2012-2016
3. UGC-DAE Consortium, Mumbai To investigate the magnetoelectric coupling in site specific substituted NBT (Na0.5Bi0.5-x RxTi1-yMnyO3) ceramics 2012-2015
2. Indo-Japan


Construction of Advanced Nano-Spintronics Devices based on Self-Organized         Functional Oxide Nano Super-Structures 2012-2014
1. IIT Hyderabad Investigations on Internal Chemical Pressure on Physical Properties of Novel Multifunctional Materials 2010-2013