Group Leader:

Dr. Saket Asthana ,


Research Area:

Multifunctional oxides , Colossal Magnetoresistive, Multiferroic , Ferroics, Magnetocaloric Materials; Spin crossover Materials, Ceramic Photonics, Electric field induced effects

Associated Faculty to Group:


Dr. Manish Kumar Niranjan,

Associate Professor


Research Area:

Theoretical and computation interface to our group.  Computational materials science.

Dr. Santhosh Kumar Raavi,

Assistant Professor


Research Area:

Piezo-luminescence studies with the help of Spectroscopic as well as Ultrafast laser spectroscopic techniques.

Dr. Thirupathi.G

Topic:  Photoluminescence studies on rare-earth modified lead-free ferroelectric ceramics

Research Scholars:


Mr. Kumar Raja

Topic: Investigation of photoluminescence and ferroic properties in lead free system.


PL observation and analysis on NBNTs

Mr. Krishna Banerjee

Topic: Electric field driven effects in lead free ferro/piezoelectrics



Mr. Goutham Cilaveni

Topic: Investigation of photoluminescence in rare earth modified lead free system.


Alumni :
Ph.D. Students

Dr. T.Durga Rao : Assistant Professor, Engineering College at Hyderabad

Dr. T.Karthik: Institute Post Doctoral Fellow, MSME, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

Dr. V. Sudarshan: National Postdoctoral Fellow, Mechanical, Indian Institute of Technology   Bombay

Dr.Ganga Prasad: Post Doctoral Fellow, Applied Mechanics, Indian Institute of Technology Madras


Group Picture