Challa Subrahmanya Sastry


Department of Mathematics, IIT Hyderabad

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Office: 503, C-Block
Phone (Office): +91 40 2301 6072


Wavelets, Sparse Representation Theory and Inverse Problems






Journal Publications:


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Conference Proceedings:


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  • "Characterization of ECG signals using multiscale approach," In Proc. of IEEE-SPCOM, 2012, IISc Bangalore, (with K.S. Veena, P.Gupta, M. Amarnath)




Recent developments at the intersection of algebra and optimization theory -- by the name of Compressed Sensing/Compressive Sampling Theory -- aim at providing linear systems with sparse descriptions. These developments are found to have potential for several applications. My current research interests lie in Frame theory, Sparsity promoting optimization techniques and their applications in Machine Learning. My previous research, nevertheless, was directed toward Wavelets, Reconstruction problems in tomography and the Analysis of data networks.






             Dr. Ramu Naidu

             Dr. P. Sasmal

             Dr. Prasad Theeda

             Mr. Munnu Sonkar (Pursuing),

             Ms. K. Z. Najiya (Pursuing)

             Mr. Shantam Gulati (Pursuing)

             Dr. Praveen Kumar (Post Doc Fellow, June/2014 to March/2017),

             Dr. M. Priya Ranjan (PostDoc Fellow, Pursuing)






 Mathematical Methods

 Mathematics Behind Machine Learning

 Wavelets & Applications

 Theory of Frames

 Probability Theory

 Linear Algebra

 Numerical  Linear Algebra

 Numerical Analysis

 Image Processing,

 Digital Signal Processing

 Sparse Repesentaion Theory (partly)

 Several UG (B.Tech) level core Math Courses.