Journal Articles under Review
  1. Anand J Puppala, Sireesh Saride*, Raja V Yenigalla, Bhaskar C S Chittoori, Ekarut Archeewa (2015) ‘Long term Settlement Analysis of Lightweight Embankment Fills’, ASCE Performance of Constructed Facilities’, CFENG (Under review)

  1. Troyee T Dutta, and Sireesh Saride*, (2015) ‘Effect of Saturation on Dynamic Properties of Compacted Clay in a Resonant Column Test’, Geomechanincs and Geoengineering-An International Journal, Taylor & Francis, Paper ID: TGEO-2015-0036 (Under review)

  1. Vinay Kumar V and Sireesh saride (2015) ‘Evaluation of Interface Bond Strength of Asphalt Overlays: An Overview’, Indian Roads Congress (Under review)

  1. Sireesh Saride, Vijay K R and Jorge Zornberg (2015) ‘Contact Pressure Distribution on Weak Subgrades due to Repeated Traffic on Geocell Reinforced Base Layers’ Transportation Geotechnics, Elsevier (Under review)

5. Sireesh Saride* Deepti Avirneni, Subrahmanyam Ch (2016) ‘Micro-Mechanical Interactions of activated fly ash Mortar and Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement Materials’, Construction and Building Materials, CONBUILDMAT-D-16-02195.

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