Group serotyping of E. coli K antigens

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Group 1
Group 2
Group 3
Group 4
EK26 EK27 EK28 EK29
EK30 EK31 EK32 EK33
EK34 EK35 EK36 EK37
EK39 EK41 EK42 EK43
EK55 EK102 EK103
EK1   EK2 EK4 EK5
EK6   EK7/EK56 EK12/EK82
EK13 EK14 EK15 EK16
EK18 EK19 EK20 EK22
EK23 EK24 EK51 EK52
EK53 EK74 EK92 EK93
EK95 EK97 EK100
EK3   EK10 EK11 EK54
EK96 EK98
EK8   EK9   EK38 EK40
EK44 EK45 EK46 EK47
EK48 EK49 EK50 EK57
EK83 EK87 EK101
  *K antigens for which classification information is currently unavailable: EK25 EK84

- For naming help, view schematic of EK3D four letter naming scheme and the EK3D naming converter.

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