Flexible multimer modeling  (FMM)

FMM is a method of generating K antigens using virtual bond cartesian coordinate transfer matrices. Here, the user is given the flexibility to choose desired inter-residue glycosidic torsion angles.


- Intra-residue glycosidic torsion angles are fixed.

- Some pairs of torsion angles may lead to steric hindrance.

- Definition of phi, psi flows in the decremental order of main chain   residue number (View documentation for more details).

- For naming help, view schematic of EK3D four letter naming scheme and the EK3D naming converter.

- Note that the models generated here have identical torsion angles for the repeating unit and may not represent the global minima of the molecule; these models are well-suited as good starting points for modeling studies

   Antigen id: eg. ek1, ek2a

  Enter values for inter-repeat glycosidic torsions

(from 0° to 360°):

     phi (φ) =

    psi (ψ) =

  Number of repeats:  

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