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Computer Centre


The Computer Centre provides students, faculty, and staff of IITH various computer and IT related facilities including, but not limited to internet access, LAN, email, VPN, software licenses, data servers, website maintenance, and process automation.
Please visit the Computer Centre page (Intranet) for more details.

Computer Centre help sites

Please visit the Support Centre to report issues related to the Computer Centre, and to access HowTos and Manuals

Cyber Security Awareness

Cyber security awareness refers to how much end users know about the cyber security threats their networks face and the risks they introduce. End users are considered the weakest link and the primary vulnerability within a network. The Computer Centre maintains firewalls and security measures including 24x7 surveillance to protect our networks, domains, and computers from external threats and reduce vulnerabilities. Being that end users are a major vulnerability, technical means to improve security are not enough, Computer Centre would like to share the below documents to gain Cyber Security Knowledge and stay alert from Cyber Threats.

  1. Common Cyber Threats
  2. National Cyber Crime Reference Handbook
  3. Secure Remote Desktop Access
  4. SSL Pinning (a quick walk through)

Click here for National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal.

Computer Centre Chair:
Dr. Raja Banerjee
Contact: Email
Office Room: C-511, Academic Block C
Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad
Kandi-502284, Sangareddy
Telangana, India
Office Room: A-304 & C-702,
Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad
Kandi-502284, Sangareddy
Telangana, India