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Women Leadership Workshop


  • Deepen the self-awareness of women to get the best out of every situation
  • Analyze their professional relationships to support their personal vision
  • Tap into their fears to explore and overcome their personal limits by building their personal brand
  • Resolve conflict and demonstrate collaboration
  • To build relevant skills which will enable Woman to climb the corporate ladder-managing goals and time, delegating enhancing network, politically savvy
  • To enhance engagement and performance with the organization
  • To succeed in a male dominated world by identifying their core strengths and learning how to use them as leaders

Broad themes of the Workshop:

  • Understanding Self as a leader
  • How to manage upwards-Managing your boss
  • Having difficult conversations
  • Developing and Nurturing talent in your team- emotional intelligence
  • Work life balance and time management
  • Conflict handling and collaboration
  • Building networks and boundary spanning
  • Navigating through organizational barriers (glass ceiling, gender stereotypes)
  • Multigenerational diversity-Unconscious and conscious biases
  • Understanding helping relationships: Coaching and Mentoring others

Last Date of Registration: 25-02-2023

Contact: Please send an email to mpganesh@em.iith.ac.in