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3rd National Conference on Quantum Matter Heterostructures

About Conference:

Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad Organizing the 3rd National Conference on Quantum Matter Heterostructures.

3rd National Conference on Quantum Matter Heterostructures, QMH-2023 organized by Dept. of Physics, IIT Hyderabad. Quantum Matter Heterostructures open a new perspective in solid state physics wherein the possibilities of engineered material, specifically heterostructure engineering can lead to emergent properties of quantum materials and opens avenue for new applications. This conference focuses on the research activities related to Thin films and Heterostructures of Quantum Materials. QMH are enticing for science and technology. Unprecedented effects can occur if Quantum materials are stacked in superlattice structure and /or perturbed by tuning parameters.

This conference aims to discuss the present status, limitations, perspectives, and challenges in the field of QMH. The proposed conference is a unique one and first of its kind in India that will provide an ideal platform to discuss the emerging trends in the area QMH and foster collaboration. Leading experts will be invited to deliver talks in the conference. Very limited talks based on the submitted abstracts will be reserved for young researchers i.e. Ph.D scholars, Post-Docs and young scientists. There will also be poster sessions for young researchers to present their work. Let us hope to organise such meeting annually so that researchers working in the area of Thin films and Heterostructures of Quantum Materials can meet and interact”

Scope of the conference:

  • Thinfilms/heterostructures of spin-orbit coupled systems
  • Complex oxide thinfilms/heterostructures and novel interfacial phenomena.
  • Thin films/heterostructures of topological materials.
  • Hybrid layers and related proximity effect.
  • Novel magnetism and superconductivity in thin films/heterostructures.
  • Skyrmions in magnetic thin films and interfaces.
  • Topological heterostructures.
  • Skyrmions.
  • Oxitronics
  • 2D material based heterostructures

Important Dates

Registration and Abstract Submission Deadline: 30th June, 2023

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