Master of Technology

IITH offers MTech programs in the following modes:

Admission for upcoming semester July 2021

2 Years M.Tech

IITH offers M.Tech. 2 Years program in following departments.

Department Programs:
Department Name MoE
(Ministry of Education)
Govt.Lab / Industry * &
Sponsored M.Tech#
Self Sponsored M.Tech In-Charge
Artificial Intelligence Brochure Brochure Brochure Dr. Aditya T Siripuram
Biomedical Engineering Brochure Brochure Brochure Dr. Kousik Sarathy Sridharan
Biotechnology Brochure Brochure Dr. Gunjan Mehta
Chemical Engineering Brochure Brochure Brochure Dr. Shelaka Gupta
Civil Engineering Brochure Brochure Brochure Dr. Pritha Chatterjee
Climate Change Brochure Brochure Brochure Dr. Aalok Khandekar
Computer Science and Engineering Brochure Brochure Brochure MTech admission committee
Electrical Engineering Brochure Brochure Brochure Dr. Shashank Vatedka
Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering Brochure Brochure Dr. Rajesh Korla
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Brochure Brochure Brochure Dr. Sayak Banerjee

Specialized programs:
Program Name MoE
(Ministry of Education)
Govt.Lab / Industry Sponsored * &
Sponsored M.Tech#
Self Sponsored M.Tech Faculty In-Charge for Admissions July 2020
Additive Manufacturing Brochure Brochure Brochure Prof. Janaki Ram
Dr. S. Surya Kumar
Energy Science and Technology Brochure Brochure Brochure Dr. Surendra Kumar Martha
E-Waste Resource Engineering and Management Brochure Brochure Brochure Dr. Chandra Shekar Sharma
Integrated Sensor Systems Brochure Brochure Brochure Dr. Ashok Kumar Pandey
Medical Device Innovation Brochure Brochure Brochure Dr. Renu John
Networks and Information Security Brochure Brochure Dr. Rakesh Venkat
Polymers and Bio Systems Engineering Brochure Brochure Dr. Balaji Iyer Vaidyanathan Shantha
Smart Mobility Brochure Brochure Prof. Rajalakshmi

* 2 Years Experience Mandatory
# Including Armed Forces Officials

Executive M.Tech

The department of Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Hyderabad offers M.Tech. in Data Science, exclusively for industry professionals since August 2015. The program is self-paced so that candidates can have flexibility in completing the program in 3-5 years. The program can be completed at the IIT-H campus or remotely through video-enabled online courses (with periodic visits to the IIT-H campus, typically scheduled on weekends).

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Online MTech Programs

  • Electrical Engineering: (Email)
  • Industrial Metallurgy: (Email)
  • EV Technology : (Brochure) (Email)
  • Computational Mechanics: (Email)
  • Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (Email)
  • Masters in Design (Email)

Master of Science

IITH offers M.Sc program in the following departments:
Admission to all the programs are through JAM.
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Master of Design

IITH offers M.Des in Visual Design
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Program Brochure

Masters in Development Studies

Department of Liberal Arts at IIT Hyderabad offers Masters in Development Studies
Online interviews for the 2020-2022 MA Development Studies batch have been completed. 246 interviews were scheduled between 13 and 17 July. There are 10 seats.
The Department of Liberal Arts has concluded the July 2020 admissions process for the Masters in Development Studies. For further details go to

Admission to Foreign Nationals

IIT Hyderabad offers 2 years M.Tech program for foreign nationals in

Seat Acceptance Fee and Refund Policy

See this document for details