Japan Desk

Japan Desk to become a sustainable platform for academic and industry-university collaboration between India and Japan by providing a one-stop service in academic and industry-university collaboration at IITH.

Japan Desk Steering Committee:
A Japan Desk Steering Committee and Japan Desk Partners will be established as a mechanism for the Japan Desk to develop and expand the India-Japan partnership sustainably and autonomously. The Steering Committee will consist of Deans who are in charge of facilitating Japan Desk activities and will support planning, decision-making, and implementation of activities. Regular meetings of the Steering Committee will be held to review the progress raised by the task forces and provide feedback to the task forces on the measures to be taken, and receive approval from the Director of IITH, who is also the Project Director.

Task Force:
Task Forces are formed for Japan Desk activities by faculty and staff members from IITH to serve as working members for the various activities of the Japan Desk.

Japan Desk Partners:
The Japan Desk Partners will be composed of external members from India-Japan partnership promotion organizations, the JICA Friendship Scholars’ Associations and IITH start-up companies, etc., and collaborates with the Steering Committee as necessary in providing expert advice and introducing relevant personnel through personal connections.

The organizational structure and members of the Japan Desk are as shown in the following diagram.

Prof. Murty B. S.
Director of IITH
Project Director
Prof. Panda Tarun Kanti
Dean of International Relations
Project Manager
Prof. Suriya S. Prakash
Dean of Planning
Prof. Chandra Shekhar Sharma
Dean of Sponsored Research & Consultancy
Dr. Mudrika Khandelwal
Dean of Dean Alumni and Corporate Relations
Prof. Saptarshi Majumdar
Dean of Academic
Ms. Pranitha Avvaru
Japan Desk Officer
Japan Desk staff

Staff Japan Desk

We look forward to welcoming you at the Japan Desk.

Ms. Pranitha Avvaru,
IITH Japan Desk officer and Section Officer at IR office.