The list of Joint Research Granted in 2022

ID PI Research Topic Co-PI
Name Department Name University Deparment
1 Bhargava Anamika Biotechnology Challenging the paradigm: activating T-type calcium channel isoform Cav3.1 for breast cancer therapeutics Maturana Andres Daniel Nagoya University Laboratory of Animal Cell Physiology, Graduate School of Bioagricultural Sciences
2 PANDA TARUN KANTI Chemistry Atom Economic Hydroboration of C X Unsaturated Bonds as Gre en
Method for Organic Synthesis
Tsurugi Hayato Osaka University Graduate School of Engineering Science
3 Ganesan Prabu Sankar Chemistry Organo Gold(I) Molecules to Materials Tsutsumi Osamu Ritsumeikan University Applied Chemistry
4 Chatterjee Pritha Civil Engineering/Adjunct faculty of Climate Change Microalgae-microbial fuel cell (mMFC): an integrated process for removal of xenobiotics in sewage and simultaneous electricity generation Matsuura Norihisa Kanazawa University Faculty of Geosciences and Civil Engineering
5 Abhinav Kumar Electrical Engineering Enhancing User Mobility in Cellular networks through Machine Learning Yamaguchi (Shigetomi) Rie University of Tokyo Social ICT Research Center, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology (Sakai-Goshima Lab, Information and Communication Engineering)
6 Subrahmanyam Challapalli Chemistry Plasmon enhanced photoelectrochemical water splitting BIJU Vasudevan Pillai Hokkaido University Research Institute for Electronic Science
7 Bhattacharjee Pinaki Prasad Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering Development of novel cost-effective eutectic high entropy alloys with superior mechanical properties Tsuji Nobuhiro Kyoto University Materials Science and Engineering
8 Desarkar Maunendra Sankar CSE Generating natural language descriptions/summaries of data tables Aizawa Akiko National Institute of Informatics Digital Content and Media Sciences Research Division
9 Shanmugam Suriya Prakash Civil Engineering Experimental Investigation on Fracture Behavior of High Strength Steel Reinforced Concrete using
Acoustic Emission
KAWASAKI Yuma Ritsumeikan University Civil Engineering
10 BHATTACHARYYA DEBRAJ Civil Engineering Understanding the Fate and Effects of Pharmaceutically Active Compounds, Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances in Contaminated Water Bodies and in Treatment Plants FUTAMATA Hiroyuki Shizuoka University Institution of Green Science and Technology
11 Dutta Gupta Shourya Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering Colloidal Crystal Materials Group, Research Center for Functional Materials Fudouzi Hiroshi NIMS, Japan Colloidal Crystal Materials Group, Research Center for Functional Materials
12 Selvaraj Ambika Civil Engineering Application and Life Cycle Analysis of Waste-based Biochar for Water Treatment Yoshikawa Naoki Ritsumeikan University Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, College of Science and Engineering

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