Overview of FRIENDSHIP Scholarship

JICA FRIENDSHIP 2.0 project now offers IITH-Japan FRIENDSHIP Scholarship 2.0 for doctoral study at Japanese universities,exclusively for graduates from master’s programs of IITH in science and technology.

FRIENDSHIP 2.0 Scholarship 2024 ( closed )

Summary of the program is as below:

Number of available scholarships : 8

Enrollment period: October 2024 to April 2025

Financial assistance provided: Tuition Fees; Living Allowance; Airfare; Insurance; and other allowances following the regulation of the JICA KCCP.

Application deadline : 23:59 IST, 15th December 2023

Submit a set of data files via e-mail to application.iith@gmail.com>

The following must be attached:

  • Certificate of Grade Point Average of bachelor’s and master’s degree

  • Copy of Master’s Degree Certificate or Letter of Completion from IITH

  • Health Certificate from IITH or other medical institutions (issued within one year)

  • Copy of Passport (If applicable)

If there are any inquiries, please send email to enquiry.iith@gmail.com

FRIENDSHIP 2.0 Scholarship 2024 Application Form

FRIENDSHIP 2.0 Scholarship 2024 Application Guideline

Health Certificate(example)

Pre-announcement of 3rd batch FRIENDSHIP Scholarship Program

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Click here for Overview of Scholarship

Contact to supervisors of Waseda University

Applicants who want to apply to Waseda University are required to inform to JICA Project Team instead of communicating with the prospective supervisor.

JICA Project Team will contact to the University first.

Application for Japanese University

  1. Application fee is born by JICA. The applicants are required to reimburse the application fee to JICA if he/she cannot get admission.

  2. Travel costs to visit Japan for examination is not covered. Confirm that you can take online exam.

  3. In case application fee and/or examination fees arises before the result of the scholarship program is announced, applicants are required to make the payment. Fees will be reimbursed from the JICA Project Team. Please consult with the Project team in advance.

Applications for Scholarship 2023 (2nd batch) have been closed.

Click here for FRIENDSHIP 2.0 Scholarship 2023 Application Guidelines (Closed)

Click here for FRIENDSHIP 2.0 Scholarship 2023 Application Form (Closed)

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Important Notice for those who desire to apply for Waseda University with the FRIENDSHIP 2.0 Scholarship Program (Closed)

Presentation Material and Video for PR event on 24th August

Click here for the presentation material.

Click here for the video.

Applications for Scholarship 2022 have been closed.

Click here for Scholarship 2022 Application Guideline (Closed)

Click here for Scholarship 2022 Application Form (Closed)

Click here for Health certificate format (Closed)